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As we have said, considering the beauty looks from the Cannes paths in recent years, the makeup and hairstyles of the guests of this festival has a special restraint, decorum and a kind of chic, which is not at the ceremony “Oscar”. It is a feature of Cannes that no one will be taken away and will not be repeated.

One of the most striking and interesting images were seen in sexy model Emily Ratajkowski, who, despite his reputation as a “girl-cut” looked on the red carpet of the utmost restraint, but, as usual, classy and sexy. Easy brown Smokey makeup, a little blush, and bronze fashion and makeup short bangs made the image very attractive.

Perfectly complements the image and the shimmer, the glitter that in the right light you can see not only on the cheeks, but also throughout the body. It looks sexy and very appropriate.

The hostess Monica Bellucci had changed its corporate identity and showed how it is possible to look amazing without creating a new bike. All in black, with her hair, which was adorned with easy styling added to the image a kind of tranquility and nobility. And minimal makeup on the eyes in the form of small arrows, outlined eyebrows and lips sudovye emphasized the image of a Mature, noble, and beautiful women.

But most of all we won the image of Monica Bellucci as the leading festival de Cannes. Luxurious dress in black tones, classic evening hairstyle with curled and styled hair on a side not just looked awesome but profitable emphasized her natural beauty, and “dumped” 10 years of age. And natural evening make up with emphasis on elegant eyebrows and plump lips to perform its main function — to emphasize the beauty and to place correct accents. But the focus of her image — lips and hair.

Not inferior to Emily and supermodel Bella Hadid, who conquered us with his minimalistic way. Fashionable hair caret with small curls curled perfectly fit oblong face shape model. Thin cat and arrows on the eyes, natural eyebrows, little contouring do not distract from the natural beauty of the model, but rather emphasize all the winning features of the face.

Russian star Viktoria Bonya conquered everybody with their appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival. Discreet, but relevant make-up in pink tones, which emphasizes its natural beauty, defined eyebrows, a light smoky in tandem with thin arrows in the cat’s eyes and pale, slightly pink puffy lips just perfect combined with the delicate pink hue of the stunning dresses. And an interesting hairstyle with the collected hair in the back not only does not distract from the entire image, but rather emphasized it.

Actress Marion Cotillard, as a true Frenchwoman looked really luxurious. Natural minimal makeup, simple styling with her hair in a natural shade, can look much better than the creative makeup, when you know what you are doing. And I feel confident. This is a great example for all girls.

Russian model Daria Strokous appeared on the red carpet without any makeup, at first glance. The image of Daria is a good example of how to look real and perfect Nude. Bright, shiny skin, natural, slightly accented fashionable eyebrows, a little mascara. And appropriate amount of highlighter and a bright blush gave her the image of freshness and healthy appearance, which is now valued much more than the bright evening makeup. A tandem that makeup with messy hair-tail, which looked, though careless, but in its own attractive, creates a great and stylish look for the red carpet. The image that most importantly, fits the Daria and is the most appropriate.

Actress El Fanning, despite her young age, was one of the most painted girls on the red carpet. Her way consisted of many relevant and appropriate details rather massive arrows on the eyes, wide, natural eyebrows, fresh pink lipstick, which was diluted heavy eye makeup and pink cheeks (dash the catalyst evening dresses, low-key hairstyles-a bun and eye makeup). Every detail of the image interacted with the other, creating at the same time cute, but an adult and the whole image, which looks on the actress as it is impossible by the way.

Model Sara Sampaio complement the “squad makeover”, appeared on the red carpet with cat eye makeup and Smokey, adding this fashionable bronze makeup and hairstyle with weave, which looked very sexy in tandem with the other parts of this image.

Lily-rose Depp also does not restrict itself to appropriate, but the bright makeup. Focusing on the eyes, she chose a brown Smokey, which complements fuzzy and feathered arrows on the eyes, which simultaneously created the evening, but the young image. Added to makeup a bit of bronze to the cheekbones. Despite the fact that the lips of the young Actresses was wearing Nodaway bodily lipstick, this is just to highlight their natural luxurious form and added the image of a kind of sexuality.

Finished image of the actress with the cute curls on the loose hair — it looked beautiful, appropriate, each item interacts with another, but it adds age to the young girl.

Luxury fashion Kare actress uma Thurman just can not leave indifferent. This hairstyle does not need any special styling, but the right face shape and accents in the form of makeup and jewelry. Here the accents were small earrings and a chunky necklace, which looked a little messy thanks to the delicate pink shades of the image and a simple but stylish hairstyle.

Played very well as the absence of special makeup. Outlined eyebrows, good skin tone, a little blush and mascara. That should look like elegance and true charm. At any age.

Luxurious and passionate as a red-haired Jessica Chastain significantly stand out delicate and light images of other celebrities. But this does not mean, that looked bad. On the contrary.

It is worth remembering that the perfect makeup and hairstyle will be when they fully fit your complexion, appearance and mood. This principle is just perfectly played by actress Jessica Chastain. Long luxurious hair in large curls, a light wave is laid on its side, allowing you to pay attention to the gorgeous necklace and bright makeup.

Red lip makeup, easy Smokey dark colors and the lack of emphasis on the eyebrows said all the right facial features of the actress, and most importantly, worked in tandem with the dress, creating the perfect harmonious image.


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Sexy image of Bella Hadid at the Cannes film festival-2017 will again go down in history: the model repeated its last year’s success

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