Summer brings about changes in the rules of skin care. Especially it concerns people with oily skin. How to support her beauty in the summer knows I WANT.

Despite a number of advantages, namely, the ability to maintain youth and elasticity, oily skin is more than all other types of skin prone to excessive allocation of sebum (fat). In summer, the ultraviolet rays of the sebaceous glands work even more actively, giving the skin greasy Shine.

To keep skin in good condition, to save her hydrolipid mandle and healthy colour person it is important to observe three main and acquaintances you step in the daily care program – cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. In the summer of moistening you should definitely add the protection of the skin from the negative influence of ultraviolet radiation.

In the morning and in the evening to carefully clean skin means no alcohol. Great for foam, light gels, emulsions for washing. For women with oily and sensitive skin good option would be milk for washing. It delicately and tenderly purify oily skin, not breaking the lipid balance. Wash preferably cool water, because hot enhances the activity of the sebaceous glands, which will allocate more fat and cause Shine.

After cleansing is important restoring the skin tone and elasticity, get rid of the feeling of tightness, refresh your pores. This can be done using toners and lotions. Prefer formulae without alcohol. However, if glitter very worried, can tonic alcohol use locally on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), or clean face with morning twice a week to not overdry the skin. By the way, if you can lifestyle, it is desirable to tone up and RUB the lotion several times a day. Refreshing face, moisturize the skin, remove the signs of fatigue throughout the day to help thermal water as well.

After toning увлажняем skin. For sensitive skin prone to Shine, in any age, but especially summer it is important to choose a balanced texture, bold component in the formula which is reduced to a minimum. The ideal solution – melt cream-gels, soft gels, light creams, fluids, emulsions with a moisturizing and matting effect. Their main advantage – they are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin with a smooth tone, clean greasy Shine.

Cleansing masks, scrubs and гоммажи on the basis of clay must also appear in your Arsenal. They gently remove dead cells, cleanse the pores, allow your skin to breathe, minimizes pores, усмирят activity of the sebaceous gland. Can make this procedure 2-3 times a week.

For oily skin for effective clarification you can also use folk remedies. For example, regularly clean face infusion of mint, тысячелетника or sage, wash solutions herbs – oak bark, calendula, chamomile. They are perfectly cleans the skin from bacteria that multiply actively in the skin fat. Remove pimples and excess sebum help mask from 1 tsp yeast, divorced with 1 tablespoon of milk and a few drops of lemon juice. Mask apply to 20 minutes, rinse with cool water. Make it desirable to 3 times a week.

In summer it is desirable to withdraw from the dense and thick makeup because the rays, it melts, floats, giving person unclean. If you can’t afford to go without makeup, reduce their number to a minimum. Easy Foundation or mineral powder, thin and weightless blush that do not clog the pores, waterproof or not very thick pencils and ink.

In the heat necessarily carry matting napkins. They will help get the Shine, absorbing sebum, will face matte, align the tone of the skin, revitalize it. Now a lot of interesting options napkins, one side of which, for example, has пудровое spraying. You can easily correct the makeup and will attach to face matte in minutes with only a Mat napkins.

Make sure that you protect your skin from the sun. Half an hour before leaving the active sun apply the cream with an SPF of 8 or 15 (within city). On the beach it is desirable to use a higher degree of protection – SPF 20, 30, 50. Do not forget that the activity of sunlight damage the DNA of cells, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

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