Experts from the USA concluded that coffee causes cravings for sweets. And there’s a medical explanation.

The reason lies in the presence of caffeine, which when ingested, blocks the sensitive end of the fiber (receptors) of the adenosine, which is responsible for detection of sweet food. It is worth noting that so coffee with sugar is often still seems sweet enough and I want more sweetened. For such purposes, people often drink coffee with chocolate, cakes or sweets. And excessive consumption of sweets can lead to heart problems and blood vessels.

However, there is a positive nuance. If you drink unsweetened coffee, the resulting effect will give a feeling of cheerfulness and activity, so adenosine causes a feeling of fatigue and sluggishness, when drinking coffee it is inhibited, and the person feels well.

It is worth noting that as a result of previous studies has established that coffee does not apply to beverages with an invigorating effect.

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