One of the integral parts of the work of each artist is nail design. This makes our work more interesting and creative, distraction from monotonous filing and modelling, and also provides additional income. How to choose paint-gel for nails?

Properties coloured gels

Design of artificial nails is performed using acrylic paint or colored gels. This is completely different in principle and action materials. In our days more relevant is the use of color gels, as they are more versatile and have a number of advantages, namely:

  • Polymerization. Gives the possibility of phased fixing the picture, making it as clear and clean. Opens more opportunities for experiments in the design.
  • Consistency. One of the most enjoyable aspects of work with color gel is, of course, ready to consistency. It does not change over time or under the influence of external factors.
  • Saturated bright dense color. Allows you to apply a very thin layer of gel, while maintaining saturation and juiciness of the picture.
  • The possibility of socks from correction to correction without changing the color and clarity of the picture.
  • The depth and purity of design. Because color gel has a glossy finish and creates a glare, your design acquires volume even without his drawing. And soft transitions of colors, which you can get from the stretch gel, give a picture naturalness, ease and a certain lightness.
  • Combining with any systems modeling. Quality color gel perfectly as with gel and acrylic systems (not crack, does not splinter and does not affect the toe and the bonding of artificial materials).
  • Economical in use. Thanks to the tight pigment consumption of gel on the execution of design minimum. Furthermore, he does not dry, without polymerization and may persist until the next use.
  • Shelf-life. Usually shelf life gel – from one year to three years. During the whole time of the gel does not change color and consistency (in other words, does not dry out and evaporates).
  • Lifetime of brushes. Gel has not scored and does not spoil even artificial brush.
  • Empowerment design. Will cover various techniques of drawing, including interesting effects when working with wet gel.

All of the above options coloured gels significantly facilitate the work of masters in designing and joy not only masters, but also the client.

Qualitative characteristics of colored gels

Despite the huge number of the positive aspects of work with colored gels, surely every master faced with a discrepancy of brightness, density or the subtleties of the application of the purchased color gel. This in turn created discomfort in the work and, accordingly, do not give the expected results, ease of use, speed and cleanliness of the work. Usually this gel set aside on the far shelf and used only for auxiliary and side works, not recoup the cost of its acquisition.
How not to get lost in the huge offer materials and find exactly what you need?

If your goal is a permanent coating or stretching color, delicate French or drawing of thin lines (abstractions), Chinese painting, or any other job that requires saturated color with subtle application of material, the first thing you should pay attention to is the density of the pigment. For check spend a thin line and see how clearly it falls to achieve saturated color. Or try to draw the French flat brush – and you will see how gel overlaps the edge or stress zone.

If your goal is to clear picture, note the residual stickiness. Residual stickiness can help you create certain effects, and prevent. It testifies about the elasticity of gel, and, consequently, the good hitch and wear on any of artificial materials. Residual stickiness gel is more or less intensive, contains or does not contain a pigment. And this is very important! As a rule, gels that have high residual stickiness do not allow to draw clear thin line as they are in it bleed. The second negative aspect is its пигментированность. When the coating of the top gel it is able to pull together and blurred, making the picture blurry.

Also important nuance is curing time. For fast and high quality of work is very important speed of set gel. It depends on how fast you can apply the following design elements without mixing colors and did not spoil the previous figure. Only in case of very high degree of polymerization gel will seize in a matter of seconds, and it will give you the opportunity to work very quickly without compromising quality.

Can greatly affect your work and consistency. Excessively liquid or thick gel is also not good. Too liquid consistency will not allow drawing keep a clear form and will require continuous polymerization, which prolongs the time. Dense same gel well enough to keep the shape and does not spread. But at the same time can leave relief and long dry out.
Any professional brand will enable you to test drive the product in the form of personal testing, evaluation seminar or workshop. Pay attention to all the nuances of the above – this will help find the perfect gel that would fit your requirements.

Features of the painting color gels

Gels are universal in the implementation of various techniques, starting with simple stretching (creating a smooth and uniform color transition) and fine render up to Chinese painting. And equipment: Gzhel, Petrykivka painting, Zhostovo painting, etc. let us Dwell on each of them.

Цветные гели в дизайне ногтей

Gzhel painting (Fig. 1) have graced its blue ornaments furnishings, utensils, etc. It fascinates color transitions and the volume of images that perfectly complement gauzes, points, and other elements, creating a spectacular design. To create such a painting brush should be broad, as a spatula. Set the brush: in blue paint макаем all brush, then in a blue or ultramarine paint смачиваем only the tip and smooth movements put stroke by stroke, creating a composition.

Цветные гели в дизайне ногтей

Petrykivka painting (Fig. 2) is characterized by flower and floral ornaments. Petrikivsky generally use a contrasting combination of basic and complementary colors. Dominated by red and green shades. To perform on the palette and making two colors – for example, the red and yellow (or green and yellow, ruby and yellow). The brush recruit yellow paint, then макаем tip of the red and perform smear. And the stronger we макаем brush in red paint, the less smear remains yellow and red. Smear began with a thin line, then, by clicking on the brush, expanding smear and again ease off the pressure, turning into a thin line.

Цветные гели в дизайне ногтей

Zhostovo painting (Fig. 3) is usually performed on a black background, sometimes red, blue, green, silver. The main motif of the painting of floral bouquet of simple composition, which are alternated large garden and the small wild flowers. The drawing technique involves several stages:

  • замалевок (application of the silhouette of the future drawing);
  • тенежка (translucent paints are applied colored shadows);
  • strip color (the shape of the bouquet takes on flesh addressing many details, высветляется and implemented by contrast, or a more harmonious system of the composition and operations aimed at underlining volume);
  • бликовка (overlay glare detects light and volume);
  • чертежка (using a fine brush is applied a small but very significant strokes – drawn veins and lace edges of the leaves, seeds in the center of the cups colors);
  • binding (by means of thin stalks, grass and antennae bouquet is made in a single whole and is associated with the background).

Цветные гели в дизайне ногтей

Chinese painting (Fig. 4) – bi-color smear. In the technique of Chinese painting can be run as a floral motifs and abstract design. Her secret is stretching the colors of a brush. To make a smear should be typed on one area to the center of the brush light paint or gel, and the second area dark. Therefore, when you stretch – color recruited at the corners of the brush gels, mix together and make a smooth transition from one color to another. From цветоведения we know that to create volume and the convexity of the figure applies portrayal of light or white shades, and to create the depth of the dark or black. Because Chinese painting combines both in a single smear it no longer requires the drawing. One stroke you create a volumetric image, and the combination of such smears very beautiful and complex othe.

If we talk about Chinese painting colour gels, then this is only possible when using a very highly pigmented gels. As the colours of the recruited brush, require shading and lie very thinly, then dense color is extremely necessary, otherwise caused to you smear is soft and translucent. When repeating the color of this smear you get relief and will not be able to perform the juxtaposition of the following strokes! There is also the aspect of consistency. If your liquid gel, color when performing stretching instantly сплываются blended together, removing the desired effect is to create the design.

Daria Chernenko, certified master instructor, senior lecturer op TM Trosani

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