Окрашивание волос в два цветаOver the past few years hairdressing reached incredible heights, emphasizing the natural beauty of the female body, concealing flaws.

Today it is not enough just perekrasit blonde, brunette or red. Fashion requires that hair look natural color was a deep, rich, multifaceted, emphasized the unique structure of the hair.

Solve all the tasks helps staining in two colors – trend 2013.

Staining in two colors: before and after photos

So, today we will tell you about the methods of hair coloring two colors, before and after photos show you how to change the image, if properly found color combinations.

The most common type of staining – highlighting, then coloring, and, finally, to emphasize the complex structure of grooming and visually add volume applied a technique for allocating part of the hair. Well, and now in order.

Highlighting hair

Color of hair in two colors in the process of highlighting a long time has become popular. Why this technology is so widespread? Firstly, partial painting is not ruined hair, less irritating to the skin of the head.

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

Besides, highlighting does not require too frequent repetition. The allocation of individual strands of hair a different color visually adds hair volume, hides hair. Popular this season techniques highlighting considered a classic, partial, бликующее and California.

The most recent combinations at colouring in two colors: all shades of light brown with separate lighter strands and color combinations within the framework of the same color. Instead of the classic blond to create more light inclusions are increasingly pearl, honey, Golden beige shades. Highlighting the “salt and pepper” is a novelty of the season. Painting is based on a combination of two shades of ash.

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

Staining in two colors: coloring

Coloring involves staining individual strands in a variety of colors. As a rule, are used contrasting saturated hues. If you are the owner of a blond hair, wondering will look blue, and purple, a Golden hazel blotches. Red should add the milk or dark strands, and brunettes fit copper-red and nutty.

A quieter option of a two-tone coloring involves the use of shades in harmony with the main tone, soft pastel tones. Especially popular in this season enjoys the cross coloring, that is, the transition from one color to another – contrast. This transition can be explicit, with a clear border colors, and can smooth, gradually flowing from one tone to the opposite.

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

Unusual look blondes with pink or purple tips for brunettes fit the bright vibrant shades of red, green, violet. At longitudinal колорировании color added to a separate прядкам width varies from very fine to very widely. Plus of such a colouring in two colors is that with each new option of laying coloring will look different.

Zonal color of hair in two colors

Unusual and creative image is created by allocating any part of hairstyles. Accent bangs, whiskey, unusual color tips or “cap” bright shade look very fashionable.

Окрашивание волос в два цвета

To keep up with Hollywood stars, you can try the technology zonal brondirovaniya, for example, light upper zone in combination with natural shades of brown the lower layers. With this painting in two colours creates the impression of natural, bleached hair in the sun. Hairstyle looks sleek and stylish.

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