Комплекс тренировок в домашних условиях


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Before we begin to remove himself from the piles of clothing, passing in the spring and summer wardrobe, filled with spring warmth and enjoying the sun, remains very little. And until the spring of just one month.

So, if you’re still not decided to buy a subscription to the fitness club or gym, then this article is for you! MEN’s LIFE offers you to adopt an example of training in the home. As for the equipment, then you’ll need the minimum of the rope, fitbol, several collapsible dumbbells.

Most likely, the free time you have to bleed, so the time that you make for your home workouts, you need to use to the maximum and with the greatest benefit. 

In these exercises you will load the muscles of the legs, but the burning of fat will occur all over the body. These workouts will help you to increase muscle tone and overall endurance.

1.Прыжки with a skipping rope

Jumping with a skipping rope you need at a high pace. Duration – 60 to 90 seconds. In that case, if you experience difficulties when jumping with a skipping rope, fit conventional jumping on the spot.

2. Push-UPS from sex+fitbol

Take the emphasis lying on his outstretched arms, and the socks put on fitbol. In this exercise, you will need constantly to find a balance, and keep balance during push-UPS. Such an approach will make even more effective push-UPS. If you cannot fix the socks on fitbole, you can perform this exercise, gripping the fitbol knees. Exercise repeat 20 times. 

3. Squat+bench+dumbbells

Take a standing position, his hands with dumbbells are at the level of the shoulders. Slowly sink to the level when the hips will be parallel to the floor. Powerful movement of the turmoil of his back, and begin to squeeze the dumbbells up. Exercise repeat 15-30 times. 

4. Tilt+dumbbells

Make the slope up to the level when your body will parallel the floor. Прогни the small of the back. The hand with the dumbbells down and deployed in one line. Do cravings dumbbells to the waist, with elbows try to keep near the body. In the upper point of the amplitude keep the blades together. Exercise repeat 15 times.

5. Curl+fitbol

Take the starting position: lying on the floor. Put your hands behind your head. Fitbol pinch it between the knees bent. At the same time lift your legs and torso, head tight to her knees. Exercise repeat 20-30 times.

All exercises should be performed sequentially, one after the other, making a break of 30 seconds. After the circle of these exercises give me a break 90-120 seconds. Go to the new phase of implementation of these exercises. Just do the exercises 2-3 times. 

The weight of the dumbbells choose such that during the last reps you felt the maximum weight. 

Regularity of training a week 3-4 times. And so 1 month.

An increase in the intensity and the working weight manage on their own. 

This set of exercises will help your body to get a more relief forms, and the muscles to prepare for difficult functional training in the gym. 

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