Консервация горошка в домашних условиях на зимуGreen peas factory production prefer not all of its fans. Real gourmets, and just fans of the culinary experiments love to cook salads and other dishes, tucking their only home canned peas.

How to cook peas at home quickly and easily, you will learn from this article. Ingredients (for 1 kg of fresh green peas):

  • one litre of water;
  • withT. L. salt;
  • tsp. sugar;
  • 2 tbsp. vinegar (9%);
  • citric acid.

Talso need two pots, sieve or colander, several towels to wrap canned corn), and, of course, jars, which will be stored green peas.

1. Peas should be clear from the pods and then carefully wash out in a sieve under pressure hot water. Carefully loop peas, removing all the grain, have any damage, dark spots or excessively soft skin.

2. Then you should pour the prepared grain in a saucepan and cover with water in a ratio of one to two. Cooking should be done at the maximum heat until boiling, and after that you need to lower the temperature twice and leave to cook on the heat for 30-35 minutes. Cooking time depends on how peas Mature initially.

Консервация горошка в домашних условиях на зиму

If you found when cooking the beans notable seals, then we need to boil (5-7 minutes). During preparation of the part of grain peas can burst up to the end of the cooking process. In this case, it should be carefully remove and discard. If this is not done, then the marinade may be blurred due crushed grains.

3. Take second pan, and add a liter of water. Bring to a boil and then add the salt to the water, a spoon of sugar and a little citric acid. Until cooked peas, resulting marinade in another saucepan, you need to keep in boiling condition.

4. Prepare and sterilize banks. Now remove the pot of peas from a plate and put the grain in a colander. Pour over the top with boiling water and fill banks peas (it is desirable to fill in such a way that the neck of the remained 1 cm).

Advice on the choice of jars for canning: use small banks with the volume of 0.5 l and less, because in a big Bank peas kept very long when opened. Even in the refrigerator canned corn will rapidly deteriorate.

Консервация горошка в домашних условиях на зиму

5. The final stage of preservation: remove the marinade (second pan) with the plate and add it to all the banks with the peas. Then pour a teaspoon of vinegar in each jar and cover with lid. Put on a water bath for about 40-45 minutes.

6. Now you need to banks peas wrap towels at the base. This is done to peas better impregnated with the marinade. Do not open the banks to cool completely after canning!

And taste home peas can already the second or third day after cooking. Canning green peas is straightforward. Ways of preparation, as a rule, differ very little from each other. But in any case, your product is much tastier, more nutritious and useful regular «store». Add it to salads, salad, soups and other dishes.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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