Контурная графика в нейл-арте

This technique of drawing lately has become very popular and fashionable. We think it will get accustomed and among the masters of nail art, because these designs are original, effective, simple and do not require a long time to perform. And genius, as it is known, is simplicity.

The expressive possibilities

Контурная графика в нейл-артеThe specifics of the art graphics is figure. As artistic and expressive means it is used in all kinds of art, but in the graph is the leading determining and applied in a more pure form. Therefore, the figure can be considered the main means of graphs (plasticity of the sculpture and color in painting).

The word «schedule» originates from the Greek grapho – write, draw. Figure demonstrates the character, temperament, mood of the artist. Graphics language is based mainly on the expressive possibilities of the line (in a contour chart we will only use line), stroke, spot (sometimes color), canvas background (usually a sheet of paper – white or tinted), which forms the image contrast or нюансное ratio. Despite the fact that the color of the graph is of great importance, it is used more limited than in their paintings. The graph is drawn to the monochrome, often removing the artistic expressiveness of a combination of two colors: white (or other color base) and black (or some other color pigment).

Graphics (especially the figure) give artists more freedom than painting, thanks to the simplicity and availability of technology, their ability to work quickly, showing instant emotional experiences.

The most ancient and traditional kind of graphic art – drawing, the origins of which can be seen in the primitive rock paintings and ancient vase painting, where the basis of an image is a line and a silhouette.

Contour graph was popular among famous artists of the various eras. As an example we show a few works in the technique of a contour graphs French schedule, the sculptor, the painter Henri Matisse («Female portrait», «Portrait of Charles Baudelaire»), which he executed in the form of thin smooth continuous lines.

Clarity and contrast

Контурная графика в нейл-артеOf great importance in the chart is the predominance line as such does not exist in nature, but in the graph it is either done explicitly by any tool – whether it’s a pencil or a brush or a neighboring spots – achromatic or chromatic, as in watercolors and gouache).

Graphics contrast: this is mainly black and white contrast the contrast of the background and drawing, special interaction between the background and the image.
The graph does not clutter the space, and Vice versa – creates it. In some ways it is similar to the music – its inherent pause, and these pauses play a big role.

Silhouette image

Contour graph, she silhouette is one of the types of graphics. Silhouette – shape figure or object, visible as a flat spot filled with black or any other solid color, and a variety of graphic techniques when an image is given against the background of a flat spot with a characteristic expressive contours.

Is interesting the history of occurrence of the silhouette. Lived in eighteenth-century France notable grandee Etienne de Silhouette. He served at the court of king Louis XV and held the post of Minister of Finance. His avarice, prudence and suspicion there was a lot of jokes. And although he was not a bad Minister, but became famous not the merits in the civil service. Once the master of the Silhouette of someone of the court drew an unusual caricature (cartoon) in the form of a shadow. And signed: «the Silhouette». Since then, the «silhouette» began to call all the contour flat images, like shadows, repeating the shape of objects. And over time, the art of silhouette became a separate kind of graphics. The shadows-the picture is so pleased with the court, that many of them wanted to have such a «portrait». Even Mr. Silhouette became fascinated by cutting out the profiles of dark dense paper.

In this technique are executed normally profile portraits and simple compositions. We are represent different silhouettes (people, objects) in the form of a smooth contour lines at various angles.

The object depicted the silhouette of the composition, acquires a high degree of generalization. Swept aside all the petty, fractional, secondary and Vice versa, highlights some of the distinctive features revealed monumentality of all, what struck it is at first sight a simple and naive art. In a word, the simplicity of the silhouette is very illusory apparent. It is the simplicity of an ordinary straight line, which, however, very difficult to conduct.

Contour nail designs

In assistance masters as examples, the figures represent some of the most spectacular and popular clients sketches by their execution. In my opinion, they must be popular in the summer season.

Контурная графика в нейл-арте

Before applying the design on the working surface work out on paper (this is not an easy task, it requires additional diligence, diligence and patience). Pay particular attention to the smoothness and continuity of lines that can go stand-coy in thickness (this is governed by pressing a brush).

Before applying the design затонируйте working surface (natural or artificial nail) white acrylic paint or varnish. Also as an alternative to the tint of the nail and design, you can swap the black background and white lines of a graphic image. It is also acceptable.

Контурная графика в нейл-арте

The result of your creative researches in development of new technology in the design of the nails must be new designs that every wizard offers to customers in its portfolio, (this may be tips on cushions or a photo album). Your piggy Bank will certainly become designs with contour images as proposed in this article and in-house.

Good luck with your creativity!

Faith Lavrov, creative Director of «nail art center of Faith Laurel», master of international class, the author of the equipment «the Art of Zhostovo in volumetric acryl design»

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