Scientists from the UK found few significant differences in response to depression of male and female brain. According to researchers, their opening will contribute in the struggle with complex and severe forms such insidious mental illness.

Neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge was invited to participate in the experiment, 30 men and 100 women is quite young, with 50% of the subjects suffered from severe forms of depression. In the framework of a number of scientific tests experts closely monitor all the changes in the brain of volunteers, applying for this purpose MRI. After analyzing the results of the study, the experts were able to uncover some interesting differences in the brain of guys and girls.

So, men are faced with depression less than women, but they are more prone to the development of a permanent depression, which often leads to quite serious consequences. For example, the disease can cause the addiction of men to drugs and even suicide attempts. As for the women, they are characterized by frequent but sporadic depression, to cope with which is easier and faster.

Such significant difference is due to a relatively large difference in the level of activity in such areas of the cerebral cortex, as nakraia gyrus and posterior cingulate. They have direct communication with voice processing and are responsible for the perception of thoughts of other people. Furthermore, these brain areas responsible for normal functioning of consciousness and strong episodic memory. But that’s not all: it turned out that in men the nerve cells in the cerebellum and in other brain areas have a weaker relationship than women.

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