Nail industry takes a significant role in the life of any fashionista. A few years passed, as the baby blew up a helium coating, which not only conquered many beauties, but also rapidly expanding its “borders”. Store shellac every day replenished with new shades and palettes that allow you to conduct all sorts of experiments with the designs and coatings, as well as, wide range of gel polishes gives you the opportunity to realize all the fantasies and ideas. In addition to the beautiful look of the gel varnishes is known for its durability and safety, unlike conventional lacquer coatings.

Гель лак ногти

Developing and extending, helium coating allows the girls not only a solid coating any kinds of color, but given the choice of textures: Matt finish, gloss finish, mirror design, and many other, no less attractive decors. In addition to this fashionista complemented the finished manicure different parts, for example, matte coating attractive rhinestone manicure with airbrush a variety of drawings and images, but the mirror design is preferred to leave without nail add-ons and jewelry.

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As we all know, a charming cover and a number of other additions done after a thorough, high-quality manicure. Nail care girls do either independently at home or in a beauty salon before applying the varnish.

Manicure add-ons: French Polish

Nail design in particular depends on the length of the nails on longer to really make large-scale decoration with various ornaments, and short nails often prefer something not too flashy and big, but at the same time attractive enough.

But nail drawings will always look beautiful as long and short nails. The unique properties of shellac make it possible to play with design and colors. Create drawings with a brush, painting the various shapes and forms.

Popular among fashionistas are graphical drawings, such a design more than two years has not parted with his leadership. The graph is created using the geometric shapes of all types: point, polyline and parallel lines, zigzags and spirals. Some people prefer to fill the resulting fragment with different colors, for example, in warm seasons this is particularly true, many girls prefer the graphic design of various bright shades.

Floral arrangement on your nails is an indispensable classic that will appeal to any fashionista. Floral masterpieces are also created with a brush and the skills of a master, or by stamping and sliders. Like it or not, but that hand pattern will look sharper and more attractive without attention will not remain perceptible to the painstaking work of the master and unique result, which emphasizes the tenderness and femininity.

Дизайн гель - лаком

Sliders not graze the rear, their superiority lies in the diversity and easy use, these pictures can be used as a qualified technician and a lover of home nail care. Image colors is normally applied for 1-2 nail, since a large number of images will look ugly.

In addition to floral masterpieces that demand and images of animals, food, cities, seas, and many other charming subjects.

These drawings belong to a number of the designs that hardly ever go out of fashion. Pretty faces of your favorite animals not only dilute the solid coating, but will add you a good mood. And here is a picture of a sexy cupcake obviously like it real sweet tooth or Vice versa is an avid sportswoman who likes to see sweets only on nails designs.

But helium figure of your favorite character from the cartoon will make you smile and remind you of childhood. For those girls who want to emphasize their sexuality suitable animal prints that can complement different colors gel Polish and any nail decorations.

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