The humidity is brutal here in the Northeast on this 4th of July weekend, so many of us are looking like this (warning: That link will briefly take you into the world of Princesses: Long Island, a place you may not want to go). If you choose not to fight the frizz, more power to you—perhaps your energies are better spent making yourself a frozen cocktail. However, if you do want to smooth your hair out for an important weekend get-together, here are a few of my favorite anti-frizz tricks.

1. When you blow out your hair, make sure it’s rilly rilly dry.

When your hair feels dry, keep blow drying it for another minute or two. It’s not the healthiest thing, so don’t make a habit of it, but for special occasions, getting your hair bone-dry helps prevent water droplets in the air from penetrating and frizzing things up.

2. Try blowdrying your hair again to set your hairspray.

Say you’re doing a topknot; smooth your hair out as desired, pin uncooperative sections into submission, and then mist all over with hairspray. Then hit it with your blowdryer. The result is slightly helmet-like but will give you total freedom to go forth into the humidity without worrying about losing your cuteness.

3. Don’t rely solely on anti-frizz products.

Many anti-frizz serums and creams smooth hair out temporarily but don’t have hold. That means they might not be potent enough to keep your hair fuzz-free when faced with serious humidity. I find it’s best to start with an actual styling product, like a thickening spray or a gel, on damp hair, and then to apply frizz stuff afterward, before or after blowdrying (or both—it depends what product you use and what hairstyle you’re going for).

What’s YOUR fave frizz-fighting secret? Do tell below.

Photo: Mark Leibowitz

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