Lace – one of the most subtle and sophisticated materials, where the threads are interwoven in complex patterns.

Платье с кружевной спиной

Dress with lace back

Any fashion has its own zest. This can be a beadwork, the original form of asymmetrical neckline, drapery, a combination of fabrics of different colors, etc. And, of course, trimming lace, can turn any outfit in a refined and sophisticated. Ажурность attached the image of the airiness and навивает Association with fashion of past centuries, when the ladies wore armour and corsets, and even gentlemen decorated their clothes ruffles and lace trim.

Платье с кружевной спиной

The undoubted popularity among fashionistas enjoy dresses with an open back. This style of dress looks very sexy and attractive. But the designers offer to experiment, using lace. Closed to cut back lace you with one hand create the illusion of nakedness, while maintaining a bit of mystery and understatement. And on the other hand, lace give your dress style and elegance, worthy of the

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