Питьевая вода улучшает работу мозга


18/07/2013 comment

Scientists from the University of East London, have determined that people who drank half a liter of clean water before the decision of intellectual tasks, help your brain work to 14% faster than people who do not drink the water.

As scientists believe, even mild dehydration can affect the efficiency of the brain. «More rapid reactions were observed in those who drank water to quench thirst. The result of this study can be explained by the fact that a strong thirst distract the person from implementation of their tasks and reduces the concentration of,» says the head of the research Caroline Edmonds.

«The brain is 80% of the water, so it is very important to get the necessary amount of water, added the author of the study.

The results of this study should take note of those people whose work is connected with mental loads, in particular the office workers. This is especially true in the hot season, when a man then lose a lot of fluid. Consuming enough water, you can improve mental work.

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