Чрезмерное употребление витаминов на четверть сокращает жизнь


10/07/2013 comment

Researchers from the University of Glasgow managed to learn that the excess of the daily requirement of vitamins C and E can greatly reduce a person life expectancy.

Scientists proved long ago that the human body cannot store the vitamin C for the future, as well as produce it in a greater amount.

The daily norm of this vitamin, sufficient to ensure the normal functioning of all organs, is considered to be approximately 40 mg

But vitamin E, supporting structure of the cells, requires even less, and the number is different for male and female. For men optimum use 4 mg / day, and for women – only 3 mg / day. While vitamin tablets is concentrated in several times more data vitamins than necessary.

Scientists have conducted some experiments on mice. They were divided into 2 groups, one of which for two months gave vitamins more than you need. In the end of the experiment was undertaken to compare the life expectancy of both groups of rodents.

As it turned out, the effect of drinking excessive amounts of vitamins expectations, but on the contrary: instead of strengthening immunity and protection from diseases, vitamins significantly reduced life expectancy.

Professor Colin Сельман believes that the intake of a moderate quantity of vitamins affect it positively and even helps prevent aging, but their oversupply could provoke a lot of problems.

The best option to compensate for a deficiency of vitamins is to eat healthy food, rich of those or other valuable substances.

By the way, the researchers was not the first to draw our attention to the negative effect of vitamins. Just before they came to the conclusion that, taking pelletized vitamin E, can cause cancer of the prostate.

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