The experts decided to study the effect of loneliness on the inner world and the nature of man. It turned out that the long loneliness can lead to extreme form of selfishness – self-centeredness.

For 11 years, scientists studied the behavior of 229 men and women of Mature age (from 50 to 68 years). The participants were randomly chosen, so they had different financial wealth, lifestyle and interests.

After analyzing the data obtained, they concluded that people often want to be alone, to rethink their social achievements. However, this solution is often a cause of self-centeredness. When humans alone analyze their social skills, they no longer want to consider the opinions of others or become unable to do so.

The organizers of the study believe that loneliness awakens in man the ego. When a person is alone, he focuses on their issues and problems in different areas.

Were also detected another trend – self-centeredness becomes a cause of loneliness. This was an unexpected discovery for experts, but quite understandable. Focusing on themselves and their Affairs, many people do not want outside interference.

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