American and British scientists conducted an extensive study to determine what affects women’s sexual desire. As it turned out, the attraction depends on sex hormones: they are responsible for the desire to have sex only with a regular partner, without interest to be promiscuous.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow in the UK and their colleagues from Humboldt University in California, USA joined forces and conducted a joint study. Scientists have discovered that female sexual desire is under the control of the menstrual cycle, but that’s what role in this process is played by the hormonal status, to the present day so little was known.

According to researchers, primarily on sexual attraction is influenced by the levels of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone. The first plays a huge role in the functioning of the genital organs, the second is responsible for the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. But testosterone is required for female body so that the latter acquires a certain part of male sexual characteristics.

In the experiment, the participants of which were 375 women, specialists found out that progesterone is able to dull the attraction of women to their sexual partners. The estradiol leads to normal and even enhances sexual desire, whereas testosterone, contrary to popular belief, does not render absolutely any influence on female attraction.

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