Модные платья осень зима 2013-2014 (фото): какие платья будут самыми модными в 2014 году?No woman can submit your wardrobe without dresses. This thing is capable of instantly turn any woman in the irresistible beauty.

In the coming season, designers have developed a dress, which harmoniously combines the elegance, romance and elegance. Enough trend will dress in retro style, which perfectly emphasize the dignity of all figures.

Other trends we’ll look at next. We hope that our article will help ladies to Orient in a variety of fashion trends and to make the right choice.

Fashionable clothes of the season autumn-winter 2013-2014: the main trends of fashion

So, as mentioned already above, the relevant become retro-models of dresses. Moreover, it may be a model with a gorgeous skirt, which emphasize the feminine curves of figure, and spacious dresses, robes with minimal decor. Quite popular will and dresses with high waist, which are popular for several seasons in a row.

An interesting trend of the upcoming season can be called a dress, which, by their appearance and fashion reminiscent of the coats of the Musketeers. These models are characterized by long sleeves, rather bulky shoulders, mostly closed area of a decollete and luxurious, richly decorated with the collar of a high-rise.

Модные платья осень зима 2013-2014 (фото): какие платья будут самыми модными в 2014 году?

These dresses are sewn from virtually any tissue, but the best are those models, which are combined from fabrics of different textures. To complement the dress stylists recommend a hat with a wide brim and vintage accessories. In addition to dress in retro style, the designers have prepared and other options.

For example, this dress modern style, but quite large and emphasizing the hips. They usually have a fluffy skirt of air in tissues, and also underlined the waist. One should also not forget and about the popular in this season of ethno-style. Particular attention should be paid to dress in the Eastern style.

Модные платья осень зима 2013-2014 (фото): какие платья будут самыми модными в 2014 году?

Photo fashion daily and evening dresses autumn-winter 2013-2014

Recently occurred fashion Week of a season autumn-winter 2013-2014 years in the largest capitals of the world. At this time, we could observe numerous fashion shows of new collections of famous designers in the world. Of course, no one collection was not without the dresses of different cuts, colors and models. What were the most vivid and memorable? Let’s try to understand.

First, it should be noted, this is what all of practically all presented in the photo designer collections-2014 fashion dresses in style gravitate to the image of a modern, independent and self-sufficient woman. In the majority of the models, which contain elements of leather or leather-cloth, strict lines, the muted languid colors and underlined the line of his shoulders.

Модные платья осень зима 2013-2014 (фото): какие платья будут самыми модными в 2014 году?

Similar features have a dress from the new collection of fashion house Dior, who made a bet on the chic and elegance of the modern business-lady. The image of a woman-vamp will help create the hit of the season – leather-close-fitting dress with fur inserts. However, it should be noted that this model is absolutely not intended for everyday wardrobe.

Ladies should pay attention to the new collection of dresses from Gucci autumn-winter 2013-2014 years, which differ restrained shades in the style of the 20-ies, as well as the leopard print. The dress from Chloe, judging by the photos from the new collection of fashion brand, became a model stylish brevity. They are ideal for office and business meetings.

Модные платья осень зима 2013-2014 (фото): какие платья будут самыми модными в 2014 году?

Business lady always will love elegant model light mocha with three-quarter sleeves and расклешенной skirt up to mid-thigh. Evening dresses Chloe affect femininity and Hollywood style. They differ bare shoulder and air flounces, which are sewn on the diagonal of the dress.

Well and, finally, we should mention the new collection of dresses from Giorgio Armani, which represents a vivid example of a fashion of the thirties. Models of dresses are different interesting geometric shapes, strict, clear lines and muted colors.

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