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Pedicure salon

There are two types of pedicure salon: a classic cut and hardware (medical).
The procedure for trim pedicure, essentially does not differ from the one that you have done at home: preparatory, размягчающая foot bath; removal of the layer of keratinized skin; scrub; cream; cuticle and skin around the nail, nail trimming and painting. Its only difference is that in the salons often use a special knife or a razor to cut омертвевшего layer of the skin with your foot. The use of such radical instruments is justified only in cases, if you really problematic feet and heels. In other cases it is enough to apply педикюрную brush or pumice, otherwise the skin on your heels subsequently will grow even more.

Hardware (medical) pedicure – modern care of legs. He is a gentle and safe provides a gentle removal of keratinous layer of the skin. After applying a special disinfectant cream for softening foot skin is treated apparatus, similar to the drills, using special grinding heads. The device is almost universal – Complect there are different nozzles: cleaning and heel grinding and polishing the surface of the nail. Pedicure is also a medical procedure, so trust a good expert. Only he knows which zones can affect the in order for the procedure was not only pleasant, but also effective.

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