Everybody knows the fact that the eyes are in need of protection from the bright spring sunshine – fashionable glasses of spring-summer 2013 not only allow us to look elegant and original, but also help to keep the skin around the eyes of the young, not giving crinkle spoil her beauty!

Accessories, presented in the new collections, please fashionistas variety of styles, colors and forms.

очки весна-лето 2013

Although, sunglasses spring-summer 2013 long ceased to be just an accessory. They have to protect our eyes from the harmful radiation, to give us comfort, serve as the final note in the image. What fashionable glasses of spring-summer 2013 you can see the new collections? In principle, today, even out of fashion glasses can easily go for the vintage, and there are not even words to say about the fact that they are not in a trend! However, those who used to be always abreast of all the new features, we will tell about the main tendencies will please us stylists in the spring-summer season, 2013!

This season there are three main directions: this retro-style, geometry and high-tech.

очки весна-лето 2013

Fashionable glasses of spring-summer 2013: retro style

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