Every girl wants to look on the first of September beautiful and attractive. The whole summer all Schoolgirls rested, gained strength, matured and хорошели. They practically not seen since the native class, so in the first day of the meeting with his classmates and friends in school they want to show themselves in all their glory. And without makeup here not to manage.

The basic rules makeup Schoolgirls of 1 September

The main task of such make – refresh features and to emphasize the charm of the girl’s face. Therefore, despite the fact that September 1 is a very solemn day, the image of Schoolgirls should be very light, fresh, natural and delicate. Evening make-up, as an adult lady, in this case, is completely unacceptable. In addition, there are unwritten school rules, which nobody cancelled even on the first of September, and the make-up at school is not approved by the majority of teachers. So you better not annoy them on this wonderful day and not spoil the mood of yourself. Therefore, you need to choose something in the middle.

Cosmetics for Schoolgirls

Any makeup, including on 1 September, is impossible without Foundation. Of course, in this age, most girls don’t use it yet, but in this case, the cream will serve as the basis on which the powder and blush will smoother and minor shortcomings person get better. Not recommended to use a dark tone кремом.Если face was severely sunburned, it is better instead of tonal take a nourishing cream to the skin color didn’t look too dark.

Special attention must be given the choice of carcasses, with the help of which you can even small cilia make the perfect fluffy frame of an eye. There is ink several colors, but the makeup girl on 1 September, the best place is black. To lashes look longer and fluffy, it is recommended before applying mascara to cover their powder. Very good looks brown ink, which does not attract attention, but visually extends the eyelashes.

Shadow girl on 1 September choose the color of her eyes. The best choice – delicate beige, bronze and light purple shades that harmonizes well with any type of skin and do not look defiant. In any case, the shadow should not be like Indian war paint, which will jump elementary school students.

Blush makeup on the first of September – thing is not mandatory. Almost every girl has a nice pink tint young skin, which itself is very attractive and does not require any additions. Optionally, you can apply peach or pale pink color, which will add playfulness cheeks.

Especially carefully it is necessary to choose lipstick. School is not a University, therefore, on 1 September makeup should be more girly, and he does not suggest too expressive big mouth. Gentle sponge – what must be the girls. Best Shine, which will make the lip attractive. Everything must breathe youthful freshness and naturalness.

Makeup on 1 September for middle school girls

Schoolchildren of middle management – the most amazing people. Children they be bothered, but grow they haven’t yet. So girls with makeup trying on 1 September to impart to his face more adulthood. But we should not turn me into a doll! Easy enough to paint your eyes several movements ink for eyelashes and impose on the lips a gentle glow.

Makeup on 1 September for seniors

Schoolgirls of senior classes, especially graduates, refer to this holiday in their own way. As a rule, on the first of September they do a lot of photo prom album, so try to impose makeup brighter. However, this is not worth it. Much better emphasize the natural makeup his youthful charm.

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