Romantic impulses, sublime feelings and idealization characteristic of many women, so nobody is surprised that the romantic style of dress is so beautiful ladies, makes them unpredictable, mysterious, влюбчивыми, yokes.

The emphasis of the romantic style in clothes is made to the waist, and the silhouette like the letter X. Thanks to the size and soft lines of feminine figures emphasized. Note, for all the shows this season you can see the fluffy skirt, which are worn with приталенной and a fitted jacket or shirt. Also popular and dress, in which the fluffy skirt.

The second feature of the romantic style can be called a decoration in the form of frills, Ruche and lace. Clothing is mostly from the air tissue – lace, chiffon, silk, fine wool. Hit the fashion shows are and shiny fabrics, as well as modern biological tissues. Not less use of fabrics and velvet.

If we consider the color palette of this style, it is immediately noticeable that the paint is not aggressive, and tones predominantly light – pastel, blue, white. But this should not allocate any one color, which would have embodied the style. Once again become popular floral prints, therefore, walk-in closet modern fashionistas who prefer romance, always has a dress with large flowers, which are supplemented by a light jacket or lace blouse (solid colors).

Although in modern clothes line shapes can be called intricate, but the romantic style in clothes still try to emphasize the line of the bust and waist. As for the length of the sleeves no requirements no, but most of the clothing of this style can see the

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