Social media brings us all together, right? Right: So we can all sit at one table staring at our phones while we look through each others Instagram videos. Terrif. But sometimes, don’t you just NOT want to know what everyone in the world is up to? Don’t you just wanna go where no one knows your name?


Enter this new app that I can’t stop cracking up about. It’s called, “Hell Is Other People,” and it utilizes FourSquare but instead of connecting you with friends (and possible stalkers), it tracks check-ins to determine the best possible routes and areas to avoid your friends.

The app was created by Scott Garner, a master’s degree candidate i interactive telecommunications program at NYU, and began as a class final.

OK, I don’t really feel the need to actually use the app—why would I be friends with someone I wanted to avoid that badly??—but the concept both makes me laugh and fascinates me. And hey, it could be useful for avoiding ex-boyfriends?

Does social media make you feel too connected to the people you know? Do you kind of like the idea of avoiding everyone once in a while?

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