Many food products include TRANS fats, which are not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. This is a special danger for people of the matter created in the industrial environment.

TRANS fats occur during the process of hydrogenation is a natural vegetable fat (oil). Thus, the manufacturer extends the shelf-life and the life of the product, but our life is not.

What are TRANS fats?

TRANS fats are implied under the modified molecule appearing in the vegetable fats (oils) as a result of exposure to high temperatures, hydrogenation. The composition of these fats is composed of modified unsaturated fatty acids, which when injected into the human body impairs metabolism. As a result, the body creates toxins and waste products, and provokes many diseases.

The main difference between conventional fats and TRANS fats that may cause excess weight, and the second increases the risk of several diseases.

Harmful components contained in the products mainly in industrial production. For example, sunflower oil, when heated, becomes a source of TRANS fats. The same happens with products containing margarine. And as you know margarine is a product that is manufactured on the basis of hydrogenated vegetable oil. Based on this, nutritionists recommend less to include in the diet of fried foods.

Than TRANS fats are dangerous to humans?

According to scientists, regular intake of foods with TRANS fats increases the risk of these diseases:

– The deterioration of the efficiency of the nervous system and brain.

– The appearance of the VSD, as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

– Suppression of the immune system.

– The risk of malignancies (cancer).

– The development of diabetes.

– Quick weight gain.

Given the negative consequences, the who established the rules of use of unsafe products. In the daily diet of each person TRANS fats should not exceed 1%.

For those who adhere to a healthy diet, we offer a list of products that contain TRANS fats.


Among oils it is the leader in the number of TRANS fats. For a long time there were discussions that are less harmful – few or margarine. As a result of researches it was established that margarine is more harmful. It provokes atherosclerosis, heart disease and blood vessels.


Also the main source of harmful form of fat. Butter TRANS fat is 4%. In smaller quantities they are in products labeled “light” thanks to the use of hydrogenated fat. However, this option is also unsafe for the body. Butter with TRANS fats raise cholesterol levels, contribute to weight gain, negatively affect the blood vessels.

Refined vegetable oil

Under high temperatures the molecules of fat begin to change, maintaining its chemical formula and the number of elements but multiple atoms are joined differently. This leads to the fact that the fat molecules appears TRANS-isomer, called TRANS fats.

I must say that TRANS fats are formed during the process of frying, roasting and other heat treatment of food. Some oils (olive, coconut) is allowed to cook and some oils (sunflower, corn, palm) are not to succumb to the heat treatment.

In vegetable oils TRANS fats is 1%. When frying their number increases, if the temperature reaches 190⁰. Therefore, fried foods can cause high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and malignancy.


One cake can contain less than 1% TRANS fats. However, most people are not limited to one cake. The result is a significant excess of permissible limits.


Even expensive and high-quality mayonnaise contains TRANS fats. Natural can be considered as mayonnaise, home-made, of a fat content not less than 15%. Everything else is store-bought sauces. This product slows down the metabolism bad effect on the heart and contributes to weight gain.


Many manufacturers instead of the desired, natural ingredients used cocoa butter, lauric and stearic acids, which are considered TRANS fats. Once in the body, they have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver, violate the metabolism and worsen health. When buying chocolate, you need to pay attention to the ingredients and remember that it may not be cheap.

Popcorn for microwave oven

Sometimes the manufacturers write on the packaging that TRANS fats are absent. But if one of the components composition is called “hydrogenated oils”, then harmful fats still contain the popcorn.


Despite the simple and harmless composition, the crackers are harmful fats, which are “heavy” for the body.


One bag of chips contains at least 3% fats, while the allowable rate is 1%. Instead of potato chips it is better to eat natural products.

Blend for a quick Breakfast

Packaging mixtures, usually colorful, and you can eat them. However, many quick breakfasts contain TRANS fats, like protein bars that are advertised as healthy products. Replace the mixture for a quick Breakfast, it is advisable oatmeal or muesli.

Frozen products

Frozen cakes, pies and similar semi-finished products containing hazardous substances in large quantities. It is better to replace analogs homemade, despite the fact that the semi-finished products are prepared quickly.


French fries one of the leaders in the amount of harmful fats. In one portion of the standard was exceeded about 7 times. It is necessary to add other products with TRANS fats, which are used during the day.

Vegetable dry fat

It prolongs the shelf life of products, but adversely affects the arteries. From the products with its contents, it is advisable to refuse.

As to reduce to a minimum the harm from traseiro?

Of course, some days it is impossible to do. However, to optimize the process of cleansing the body from TRANS fats is possible, if we exclude the products that contain them, or to adhere to the who standards. Also, nutritionists recommend eating as much home-grown vegetables and fruits. Then, instead of cells infected TRANS fats are formed.

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