As we know the relations shatters the monotony. It is known, probably, very long time. And intimate relations are not an exception here. And rutin in this case is fatal, as nowhere else.

Игры в постелиCouples who live together for a very long time in bed are beginning to make one, constantly recurring scenario.

And over time, the desire of the year to repeat the same thing disappears, and in a relationship, you may receive the crack, which may even lead to a rupture. And in the worst scenario, this could encourage partners to search for «adventure» on the side.

How to diversify monotonous bedding relations? Perhaps, come to the aid games in bed. We will try to transfer some useful recommendations that can help make a new coloring in your intimate relationships. Where the duration of the relationship and the age of the par value have no.

So start….

Games in bed


Home strip is a great way to restore the brightness of the relationship. Let without a pylon, even if it is only 30 seconds is already able to ignite passion and cause a huge surge of feelings.


Here one of the partners plays the role of a random person. But such a scenario is not to each pair. This is a very risky option as particularly impressionable nature can play emotions move into reality.

«Toys and dressing up»

The logical extension of role-playing games. You can use any available means. And in specialized stores you can buy a large number of different costumes for your love comfort.

«The patient and the nurse»

This is one of the most popular types of RPGs. There are plenty of variations – «little Red riding hood and the robbers», «Masha and the bear», «Cleopatra… Yes, anything. Choose what’s more like it. Game change places …

«Opening of the eyes»

It is a very good way to re-open for themselves the most exciting and «sweet» place of his partner. And if we add here and linking the hands, it can be more acutely felt the urgency and the charm of affection.


Differently – fulfillment of the desires of his partner. You can’t imagine how much the us can exist unrealized dreams. Sometimes it is unknown even to ourselves. Here is only a start. Most importantly – do not immediately suggest something too extreme. For the first time something innocuous, with a slight touch of romance.

There is a great variety of intimate pastimes – from harmless role-playing scenes until sufficient hard sm themed… In each case, everything will depend on the openness of the partners trust each other and availability of fantasy.

Importantly respectful of the wishes of the partner and to understand that the game in bed is a game only to whip up emotions and revive relations.

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