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 In the summer, as never before, the actual pedicure. Girls open season open shoes, and this is another opportunity to make a bright and fun nail design. Today we offer you to consider another interesting idea — a gold pedicure.

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If we talk about trendy summer pedicure, then there is quite a blurred rules — high fashion and catwalk says one thing and the users of social networks — more. So, we have a marine pedicure, which attracts attention for its ideological ersity and striking design. In that case, if you don’t like too bright nail designs, then pay attention to dark pedicurethat will go with any outfit, be appropriate to look always and everywhere.

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Also you can make gold pedicure, which will look very interesting and attractive on the nails, especially under tanned skin and minimalistic open shoes. However, there are some nuances.

The gold shade is very demanding and capricious, and therefore it is necessary to be careful and attentive. It is appropriate to do an excellent pedicure and only after apply the gold nail Polish. Better suited to short nails , long will look kind of gross.

Golden pedicure can be diluted with other shades or use a nail artthat will dilute the “yellowness”, Stela pedicure more interesting.

Also, you can use sequins and shimmer, covering the nail completely or partially with gold stones, for example.

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