Scientists from Italy have come to the conclusion that while rough sex can burn about 200 calories for 60 minutes Than active sexual intercourse, the more his own energy out. During a fabulous orgasm, the human body loses about 100 kcal.

Experts also said that kissing burn about 5 calories per minute. Moreover, even the process of removing clothing takes calories.

Prelude also is not lost on the calories. If this process is active, a quarter of an hour can burn up to 25 calories during foreplay. Encourage the process with a massage, which improves blood circulation.

It is also noteworthy that if vigorously dancing before sexual intercourse for the first 10 – 12 minutes of intimacy you can remove about 200 calories. It was noted that the dance helps her rather excited.

In addition to these nuances, for weight loss during sex it is important that man was filled with passion. And, of course, the more movements he makes, the more active reducing weight.

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