Джем из крыжовника в хлебопечкеMost modern hlebopechek become irreplaceable assistants in the kitchen. Their functions go far beyond the baking of bread. In particular, thanks regimes «Jam» or «Jam» significantly simplified preparation of preparations for the winter.

How to cook крыжовенный jam in a bread maker

Cook in a bread maker gooseberry jam quite simply: it is necessary to prepare the proper ingredients berries and sugar, download them in a bread machine, set the mode to «Jam» and enable «start».

Installed program itself detects all parameters making jam and after a fairly short time will enjoy this sweet dish or sack him on banks and leave for the winter.

However, to your gooseberry jam was truly delicious, you need to know some rules of preparation and follow certain proportion of products. The more that gooseberry you can prepare a variety of jams, adding to it some other berries or fruit.

How to cook in a bread maker classic gooseberry jam

For cooking in a bread maker classical крыжовенного jam it is necessary to take berries and sugar in equal proportions. Gooseberry should be washed, cleaned of sepals and stems, make a lateral incision and gently scrub seeds. Although many Housewives prefer to leave the bones, because they are a source of very useful oils.

In any case, gooseberries placed in a container, covered with sugar and include mode «Jam». When the program finishes cooking, ready to jam it is necessary only packaged in sterile banks, resealed the covers and cover with a blanket for 2-3 hours.

Джем из крыжовника в хлебопечке

General rules sterilization cans for closing jam

Sterilized cans better performed on a special metal cover with a hole in the middle. She laid on the pan of the appropriate size, half-filled with water. When the water boils, you need to put it to the Bank not more than one minute.

Readiness treated ferry banks can determine touching her bottom: if you can’t stand a small touch, then, the Bank has already sterile and it is possible to fill the jam. Clearing Bank, should be placed in boiling water, the metal cover, so that she too простерилизовалась. After you have filled a jar of jam to the top, it is necessary immediately cover and clogging.

Джем из крыжовника в хлебопечке

Varieties of jam from gooseberry

Raspberry крыжовенный jam Jam gooseberry with raspberries turns out very fragrant and useful. This is not only a great addition to the muffins or tea, but also an excellent remedy for colds and sore throats. For the preparation of jam in a bread maker is one part of gooseberry, you must take under part 2 of raspberry and sugar.

The principle of making the same as the classic jam. Gooseberry jam with kiwi This jam is an incredible emerald color, and to improve the aroma is recommended to add to the recipe packet of vanilla sugar. For cooking in a bread maker on 1 kg of gooseberry required 1.5 kg of sugar and 2-3 kiwi fruit.

Джем из крыжовника в хлебопечке

Orange-крыжовенный jam For the preparation of this aromatic jam need gooseberries, oranges and sugar – all in a ratio of 1:1:1. Gooseberry prepare the way specified above, and oranges clean, remove the bones are removed from the pulp of the film and cut into slices.

The ingredients are loaded into a container bread, and after graduating from the program immediately Packed in sterile jars and sealed. Gooseberry jam prepared quite simply, and in winter you can enjoy a lot of tasty and useful product.

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