OK, you guys, I have a secret: I’ve never colored my hair before. It’s not that I’m opposed to it; I just happen to really like my warm chocolate brown hair color and not having to spend hours (and boatloads of money) in the salon maintaining it. “But the bright hair trend is soooo cool!” the voice in my head taunted every time I saw dip-dyed ends and neon streaks. Dilemma! So when Fine Featherheads’ temporary hair chalks came across my desk, I had to experiment. I know, I know, so late in the game. Whatever! After giving it a shot, here’s my hair chalk advice to you:


1. DON’T wear white. Seems obvious, but I made the mistake of wearing a white shirt while playing with the purple chalk. It got all over me!

2. DO seal with hairspray. This will help prevent it from transferring onto your clothing and make it last longer.

3. DON’T be afraid to experiment. It is washable after all! Plus, there are 15 amazing color choices, so go crazy!

What do you think? Are you over this trend? P.S. See more editor picks like this one in Glamour’s July issue!

Photo: Jenna Andrews

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