Beautiful hands – the visiting card of a woman, so care should pay attention every day. Very often a good manicure they lack one thing – neat cuticle. How to look after it, and what means to give preference to – read on!

Crop cuticle clippers not worth it – it only starts to grow even stronger and appear burrs. It is much easier to use special tools to remove – scrubs, gels, creams and oils.

The funds should be selected depending on the so rough you cuticle:

  • Oil – the most gentle way, that even a few remove the cuticle, the maximum softens it.
  • Cream and gel – funds of medium action, suit cuticle of medium hardness.
  • Scrub need in case of an extremely rough cuticle.

How to remove the cuticle?

To remove the cuticle, apply to the nail tool and wait about 3-15 minutes (it depends on the composition and powers of action, some solutions are so strong that they are able to remove dead skin cells on heels, so be careful and keep the manual). Then remove the cuticle orange stick. Промой under running water with soap.

Fix the result keeps soft nail cuticle. Made it from the special pumiceous stone, which is perfectly polishes cuticle, prevents the appearance of burrs.

After you have removed and polished cuticle, be sure to lather hand cream and butter – they will prevent drying and make the skin silky smooth. Oil your daily two-three times a day – then cuticles will need to delete less.

Look for cuticle regularly – and your nails will always look your best!

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