Как часто поливать огурцы – видео правильного полива огурцов

Regardless of the method of growing – whether you prefer to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse, greenhouse, or open way – this vegetable crops need of regular and careful watering. Very important factor is the frequency of watering cucumbers, and the answer to the question, how often to water cucumbers, depends, ultimately, their yields. There are even certain norms of frequency and volume of irrigation depending on the phase of growth of cucumbers.

The first phase is the period of time from planting and the formation of the first shoots to fruit, that is, the appearance of the first young cucumbers. In this period, if no heavy rains, planting cucumbers must be watered every two weeks. In the second phase, in the fruiting period, cucumbers requires more moisture, and therefore the optimal frequency of watering at least once a week or even more often (it depends, primarily, from natural climate and weather).

In no case do not think that you can get a good harvest of cucumbers without watering – even if the summer was exceptionally rainy. Despite the seeming simplicity, actually cucumbers very demanding in terms of moisture, and the moisture they need not only in the soil, but also in the air. That is why the perfect way for the irrigation of cucumbers is a finely dispersed sprinkling, not a regular watering from a watering can. Strong stream of water from a watering-can break the fragile ovaries cucumber stems, but flooding is not only good промачивает soil, but also in the air creates the necessary microclimate.

Due to a shortage of moisture in the period of maturation cucumbers not only уродятся, but will have an unpleasant bitter taste is a phenomenon familiar to anyone who at least once bought a cucumber in a shop or market. This bitterness is explained by the excess of a special substance – кукурбитацина, and excess forms exactly during adverse conditions in the period of maturation (moisture deficit, lack of sun, lack of nutrients, abrupt changes in temperature). The most bitter cucumber – this cucumbers grown without extra water, the soil is dry and hot, Sunny weather.

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