If you color your hair, then this text is just for you. We have collected some very simple tips to help minimize the unpleasant consequences of staining. It is very cool to be in bright and rich colors of curls, and do not worry about their health.

We have already written that in the summer of hair requires special care, as you can read in the text «Sunbathe properly: how to care for your hair in summer». Be sure to stick to these tips, especially if you’re going in the near future dye your hair. Because of the over-dried or damaged locks of hair pigment may lie not exactly, and certainly not for a long time.

Moreover, colored hair harsh summer sun, too, has not avoided: they burn out, so to maintain the same bright and saturated hue toned and dye your hair more often. If you’re doing this for some time, you know that every cosmetic brand, there is a special series for color-treated hair. Shampoos and masks of such rulers will help minimize the effect of burnout, because they nourish curls not flushing out the pigment.

Before you go to the hairdresser painted or clarification, pay attention to the condition of the scalp. If the skin to peel off or has some irritation, the procedure should be postponed until better times. Otherwise you won’t avoid unpleasant sensations during dyeing, and the color is not necessarily a lie as it should. If you are faced with this problem, be sure to contact your doctor dermatologist to help you understand the causes of this phenomenon. Most likely, you do not have enough vitamins or care that you chose for your hair you don’t fit.

By the way about leaving, if you see that your hair looks weak or not completely healthy before staining it cost to run a short course with intensive regeneration. You can decide to appeal to the salon procedures or simply pick up the mask, marked «for intensive recovery». Any of these options will help you prepare hair colouring.

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