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What happens to skin with age

I hate to say it, but at the age of 25 our skin begins to start aging. Our skin cells begin to be updated very slowly, decreased production of collagen, the protein responsible for its elasticity, the skin becomes dull. In addition, in adulthood, the number of molecules of hyaluronic acid is dramatically reduced and the skin becomes unable to retain moisture, so that there are shallow and deeper wrinkles.

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To avoid most of the aging problems need special skin care aimed at their prevention. We should begin with 25 to 30 years. Regular care can significantly improve the condition of skin and to slow down some age-related changes. It is better to prevent age-related problems than to deal with explicitly.

But before you start anti-aging skin care, you need to clearly understand your problems: the skin lacks radiance, firmness, or she needs a lifting effect. Specifically for each issue, the experts of herbal cosmetics Yves Rocher has developed a range of anti-aging care face Serum Vegetal.

The basis of the gamma Serum Vegetal extract Mesembryanthemum Crystal. He assimilyatsiya skin cells and stimulates the production of the protein mTOR, which activates the mechanisms of the fight against wrinkles. This plant has a unique set of chromosomes, thereby skillfully adapts and survives in any climate. Such unique properties of the brand Yves Rocher began to use the Plant Life in cosmetic products, and made it for the first time in the world.

How to properly care for the skin

With daily skin care you should follow these main rules:

1. Your daily care should consist of a moisturizer for the eye area, serum, day and night creams. This comprehensive care will help to achieve the best results.

2. To the basic daily care necessary to connect an additional special treatments (masks, scrubs).

3. Cleansers should be as gentle (micellar water or milk – an ideal variant).

4. The care for skin should contain a large number of useful plant components nourish the skin and to fight wrinkles.

5. When choosing anti-aging line of be sure to consider features of age-related problems that you have. Gamma Vegetal Serum contains botanicals, and is specially created to fight anti-aging concerns: wrinkles, dull complexion and loss of skin elasticity.

How to choose a primary care of skin

It is important to understand that with age, the skin needs thorough care as it is not enough usual moisturizer. Among the daily payment on your shelf in the bathroom must contain day and night creams: together they will fight wrinkles 24 hours a day. In the summer you must use a day cream with a SPF factor that will protect the skin from moisture loss and premature wrinkles. Before applying the cream use anti-aging serum: it will restore the skin, improve its elasticity and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t forget about the cares for the delicate and thin skin around the eyes, where most often the first wrinkles appear. It is better to use a special cream for this zone: it will moisturize the skin, give radiance and visibly reduce wrinkles in the eye area.

For example, choose a roller anti-aging cream for eye contour Yves Rocher from the Serum Vegetal to special ophthalmologic testing. The extract of Mesembryanthemum Crystal he fully assimilating the skin, stimulates the production of the protein mTOR, which activates the cells and their internal mechanisms in the fight against wrinkles.

Антивозрастной Ролик-Крем для Области Вокруг Глаз Serum Vegetal

Roller anti-aging Cream for the Eye Area Serum Vegetal

What should extra care for the skin

In addition to the daily means, it is also important to include additional products that will help to deal more effectively with age-related changes:

• Peels. 2 times a week to remove dead cells from the epidermis using a gentle scrub which will strengthen and accelerate the renewal of skin cells.

• Masks for the face. Use anti-aging mask 1-2 times a week to restore your natural complexion, to make the contour of the face and neck more clearer and smooth out wrinkles.

• Filler. This tool is necessary for those who have pronounced wrinkles.

Choose a suitable product for daily care Serum Vegetal

• To reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity choose a series “Restoring elasticity”. It extract Mesembryanthemum in combination with Gum Acacia activates the production of collagen, the skin becomes more elastic.

 Serum Vegetal ив роше

Gamma Restore elasticity,” Serum Vegetal
Day and Night Creams from Wrinkles and for Skin Elasticity
Serum against Wrinkles and for Skin Elasticity
Wrinkle cream for Eye Contour and Lips

To combat the loss of skin elasticity and for modeling of facial contours, choose the range of “Lifting effect”. It is designed not only to reduce the number of deep wrinkles, but also to strengthen tissue and improve facial contour.

ив роше Serum vegetal

Gamma “Lifting effect” Serum Vegetal
Anti-Wrinkle serum for Modeling Contours of the Face and Neck
Day and Night anti-Wrinkle Creams and for Modeling of facial Contours and Neck
Modeling Cream for the Eye Contour

• For gentle exfoliation and hydration in the range of Serum Vegetal by Yves Rocher for extra care were developed impressions of vegetable peeling. It makes skin more elastic, and salicylic and citric acid in the composition accelerates the renewal of skin cells.

• To smooth wrinkles and make the facial contours more clearly, choose modeling Mask-Lifting with a special silicone applicator.

• For smoothing nasolabial folds, forehead lines, and glabellar wrinkles try a Filler for Deep Wrinkles. During its regular use (2 times a day, deep wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Филлер от Глубоких Морщин Serum Vegetal

Gamma Restore elasticity,” Serum Vegetal
Filler Deep Wrinkle Serum Vegetal

Remember, if systematically and comprehensively care for the skin, you will definitely see the desired result of their efforts. Type treatments for the skin in habit and with age, the skin you will say a big “thank you”!

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