Как выбрать свадебное платьеThe choice of wedding dress – «headache» of all the brides. Today, let’s relax and get on with the choice of the wedding dress on the popularity of a name of the designer, and given element which controls your zodiac sign. And you will be happy and full of harmony.

Your zodiac sign: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Your element: Air
Your «trump card»: sophistication

Air signs of the zodiac – have large closet. This is due to their tendency to frequent changes of mood, which require changes in clothing. You never go to extremes, because from birth endowed with a sense of measures. So whatever dictated to you by your «air» attitude, surrounding your outfit will produce the most favorable impression.

Representatives of the air signs not so important the color and quality of the material from which put on a wedding dress. Much more important than its flexibility, lightness, freedom and simplicity of lines. Accessories air signs, too, not too fancy, but they are able to skillfully them to present. You just born with the talent to look attractive at minimum cost.

Your wedding dress should be concise, flowing with few details, and adornments. Unless lace inset on the bodice and a new accessory, for example, luxurious – clutch handbag or belt at the waist. What man can resist such perfection?

Как выбрать свадебное платьеYour sign of the zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Your element: fire
Your «trump card»: sexuality

Signs of fire have the talent to wear the most simple things as if they are from «Haute couture». Even in the ordinary t-shirt you will look just luxurious, as in brand dress made of expensive boutique. You are interested in everything: color, and texture of the fabric, and the price of the warrant.

Fire signs closely follow the fashion, but buy only those things that have already been tested by time and of course they are. You can easily do their motto expression Coco Chanel: «Fashionable that I wear».

You can easily put on his own wedding radical mini. And if you decide to do this, you will look charming and completely organic. Do not forget to veil or a long train. All the same wedding.

Как выбрать короткое свадебное платьеYour zodiac sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your element: Water
Your «trump card»: sensuality

You are like a raging stream of water and never stand still. Your task is to break stereotypes and to not be afraid to create and carry original and unusual ensembles. The patron of the element of water – Neptune – gives you an innate sense of beauty, so all the most daring experiments only to once again prove your impeccable taste.

Give preference to not traditional wedding dress, and Trouser suits costume. Translucent tunic measure will emphasize your sexuality. This elegant, and romantic. Silk pants straight cut underline the elegance of the ankles, open high-heels demonstrating sleek feet and perfect pedicure. By the way, the color of your wedding dress can be not only white, but the pearl and mother-of-pearl.

Как выбрать свадебное платьеYour sign of the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Your element: Earth.
Your «trump card»: elegance.

People born under the signs of the Earth, pragmatic, restrained and careful. But this does not mean that you should dress «modest and tasteful» and choose that which is not dirty. Quite the contrary. A woman, born under the signs of the Earth, to dress expensive, and if resources permit, a very expensive and tasteful. Perhaps in your wardrobe a few things, but they are all of excellent quality and a nice cut.

You don’t like to spend money, so choose clothing that is not out of fashion ever. For you it also matters how often you wear fancy thing will compensate it yourself or useless sagged in the closet. If it can be worn on the job, and on a holiday, then it has all the chances to take a worthy place in your wardrobe.

Classic for all times – lace dress is amazing. Guests, who are not used to such treatment of the image of the bride, will enjoy its elegance and неизбитость. The bride may yet come in this dress, adding elegant accessories.

Another option wedding dress – elegant jacket, skirt and luxurious hat with a wide brim.

Как выбрать свадебное платьеNow, when you have selected a good wedding dress, you can begin to organization of wedding celebrations.

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