In this article we give advice on the choice of shoes, but also the choice of footwear of different materials top.

How to choose the right shoes? Should adhere to the following recommendations. Shoes should be approached not only in size but also in completeness. In the still quite a recent time, in addition to size, to be indicated and the fullness of shoes, that considerably simplified the search for a comfortable shoes. Straight away this information, as a rule, meet very rarely. Now, not only incorrectly chosen size, but the fullness, squeezing foot, brings discomfort when wearing. In no case can not be wearing tight shoes, as it not only leads to discomfort, but the deformation of feet and the bones of the fingers. When choosing footwear, you should of course take into account that the footwear worn out with time, becomes more free.

kak-pravilno-vybrat-obuv-3When fitting the Shoe should walk, walk. Shoes are made in a variety of stocks, resulting in sometimes even shoes with very high heels is quite comfortable for people who do not have the habit of wearing high каблучную shoes, and Vice versa, shoes with low heels can deliver only inconvenience.

For everyday wear better to choose footwear from natural materials on a low heel. The most optimal always been considered as the heel height of 3-4 cm. If you do decide to buy shoes on high-heeled shoes, the shoes must have a soft подпяточник that weakens the load when walking.

какую обувь лучше выбрать

Shoes made of leather.

Shoes made of leather is always appreciated. The skin because of their qualities воздухопроницаема, it has a positive effect on the microclimate inside the Shoe. Shoes made from the skin of the most practical, формоустойчива, is convenient when wearing and durable and resistant to external influences, temperature, moisture-proof, for it is easier to take care of. But it should be noted that the skin hydroscopic, we should not think about the poor quality of your pair, soaking feet in wet weather. Should also add that the skin is made of various raw materials. The most common in our market leather from skins of cattle and skins of sheep. Shoes made of sheepskin more graceful, as the skin more supple and elastic, but the shoes are less robust, and has a lower operating properties, keep this in mind when choosing footwear from natural leather. Shoes made of sheepskin is better to take the summer season, or not for continuous socks.

Shoes made of patent leather

Patent leather is obtained by application to the skin oil varnish or polyurethane resins. Footwear is brilliant, the view at the expense of gloss. But it should be noted, that due to the coating shoes skin becomes less solid. Lacquered leather suffer no mechanical damage and temperature fluctuations. Any crack or scratch at once it becomes visible on the shoes, from which immediately lost look. Therefore, at once it is necessary to prepare for a careful care and trim the toe of the Shoe.


Shoes made of suede, nubuck and suede.

At once it would be desirable to note, that if the store You offer of suede shoes, then most likely it is not true. Chamois leather is made from animal skins (as rule from the skins of deer) special fatty method, requiring significant labor – and материалозатрат. At the present time of suede shoes found very difficult. Under the chamois imply velour and splits-velour. Splits-velour made from спиленного of the inner layer of the skin, so it is more loose. Distinguish from velour or Spilka made shoes is very difficult. Because they have almost the same view. Velour splits and nubuck have fluffy surface, which gives the Shoe a beautiful appearance and footwear have good thermal insulation properties, which has a positive effect for winter shoes. But the shoes require more care, do not tolerate wet weather, shines with time, are formed scrapes. So if you bought the shoes of these materials, immediately prepare to be careful care of it.

Shoes made of artificial leather.

Artificial leather, as a rule, a dual-layer material – bottom layer of the base fabric or non-woven material, the upper layer polymer coating. Lack of artificial skin – steam and air density, low heat-shielding properties. This has a negative influence on the microclimate inside the Shoe. But at the present time all pay more attention to the development of artificial skin, giving it the properties of a leather, including water vapor permeability, it is better to choose exactly such a model of the Shoe. Shoes made of artificial leather suitable for the weather, so as not pass moisture.

And I would like to add that the footwear of any material requires care and perform basic rules specified in a memo to your Shoe. We hope that these tips will help you when choosing footwear. Choose your shoes right!

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