Как закрыть малину на зимуMalina is a wonderful berry with the unique aroma, very gentle taste and unique healing properties.

Its application in the treatment of colds is a classic folk medicine. In almost every garden or in the garden there is at least one Bush this wonderful berries. The process of harvesting raspberry for the winter often turns into a ritual, and recipes закаток with raspberries transmitted from generation to generation.

Raspberry for the winter in own juice

This is one of the easiest recipes billets of raspberry. For his preparation berries cleaned, washed and immediately throws in a colander. After the water is drained, raspberries placed in enameled capacity, sprinkling each layer of sugar.

On kg of berries will require a Cup of sugar. Пересыпанную sugar raspberries for 8 hours put in a cool place, and when released a sufficient amount of juice, enter a lot of the banks and sterilized 15 minutes.

Raspberry compote – harvesting the winter

Как закрыть малину на зиму

Compote usually prepared in a 3-liter Bank for which you want to take a half Cup of berries and sugar. Bowl and cover pre-sterilized.

Cook syrup, laid prepared berries in banks, fill in to top boiling syrup and immediately sealed. Banks overturn and on the day warm blanket. Such procurement of raspberry well kept and have a pleasant aroma.

Raspberry syrup – procurement prefabricated

It is prepared according to this recipe, and compote, but in higher concentrations. To do this, take a smaller volume of containers, which is pre-washed with soda and rinsed with boiling water and dried. Syrup supposed to be very thick.

Therefore, the water required very little – not more than 10 ml, 350 grams of sugar. Berries is poured directly into the Bank and immediately sealed. A blanket on the day.

Raspberry preserve fast procurement

Equal quantities of sugar and water cook is not too thick syrup of medium thickness, fill in with raspberries and left for an hour. Then put on medium heat, bring to a boil, give berries провариться and immediately poured into the banks.

Thick raspberry jam juice

In this way raspberries for the winter harvested in a ratio of 1:2, that is, for each kilogram of sugar should take 2 kg of raspberry. Net berries pour half of sugar in stainless bowl and leave it for 5 hours. Then the resulting juice merge, add to it the remaining sugar, bring to a boil, pour raspberries and stirring boiled until tender. Hot billet raspberry packaged by banks and sealed.

Jam of raspberry juice other berries (fruit)

Как закрыть малину на зиму

There is a very good recipe raspberry with juice of other berries or fruit. To make raspberry jam per kilogram raspberry take a pound of sugar and 100 grams currant, крыжовенного or Apple juice.

Raspberries pour sugar, as in the previous recipe, but withstand no more than an hour. Put on fire and boil to dissolve the sugar. Immediately after that, pour juice and boiled until tender, achieving the required degree of density. Sealed hot.

Raspberry jam for winter

For preparation of this piece of raspberry take the same amount of berries and sugar. Clean dry berries pour half of sugar, endure 6 hours, juice poured, enter the rest amount of sugar and boil syrup, bringing him to such a density when the drop will not spread in cold water. This syrup is poured raspberries, bring to a boil and sealed hot.

Jelly raspberry and currant winter

For such a blank take raspberries and red currants in the same number, pour water (almost covering berries) and cook until tender. Then berries throws in a colander, and its juice is boiled for half of the total. For every liter of remaining juice add 700g sugar, cook jelly and sealed until ready. In pulp add a little sugar, cook and rolled on the winter as a berry of a raspberry pie.

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