Как закрыть заготовки из черники на зимуBlueberries – very useful berry. Having vessel-strengthening, antibacterial and противоанемическими properties, it is successfully used for therapeutic purposes in a number of diseases.

Blueberries used not only in the harvest season, but often makes her different harvesting the winter. Ways to make preparations for the winter countless: and drying and freezing, jam and puree in a word, recipes, how to make dishes from a bilberry, a lot. Below you will see some of them with the accompanying photo.

Dry blueberry for the winter

Drying is one of the most popular recipes procurement of blueberries in the home. Fresh fruits are sorted out, remove the leaves and twigs, as well as over-ripe or rotten grapes. Then arrange the blueberries in the pan or tray in a single layer.

The top covered with gauze to protect against insects. Put the pan on the sun and waiting for the full drying of the berries. During the drying process, it is important to turn the berries for uniform drying. On the night berries best indoors.

Frozen blueberries

Loop blueberries, rinse in cold running water and thoroughly dry on a towel or any other cotton fabric. Then place them on a flat surface (pan, pan), berries should leave a small space. So, the fruits blueberries will not be смерзаться. Place in the fridge for one hour, and after put the berries in the food container and store in the freezer.

Как закрыть заготовки из черники на зиму

Blueberries, mashed with sugar

The recipe is simple: 1 kg of berries need to 1.7 to 2 kg of sugar. Berries must be grind in a meat grinder, then put the mashed blueberries, all together, stir and wait until the sugar is completely dissolved. After that spread out on the banks.

Blueberries in own juice

This recipe does not envisages the addition of sugar. Method of preparation of the following:

1. Blueberries should go through, wash and give to dry a little, for it can be put on a towel or some kind of fabric.

2. Then berries need to be tightly Packed in banks covered with a sterile lids (Banks should also be sterile and dry).

3. Pour into a saucepan, warm water, and banks with berries placed on a stand in a saucepan and heat. Water should hide located in a saucepan banks about 2/3.

4. Heated, blueberries will allocate juice and decrease in volume. Add berries in banks, while the juice reaches the bottle banks (up to the very top).

Как закрыть заготовки из черники на зиму

5. The water that’s in the pot, you should bring to a low boil and then make the sterilized cans with berries (Cans with a capacity of 0.5 l sterilized 10 minutes, liter – 15).

6. Roll up cover and turn the banks with berries.

Frozen blueberry puree

Washed berries of a bilberry must be crushed using a blender and turned them into a smooth puree. Add a little sugar. Place the finished sauce in plastic containers and store in the freezer. After thawing blueberry puree is used as a filling for pies, a basis for a drink or a separate dish.

Blueberry jam

Of blueberries, you can make a tasty jam. What do you need: water, sugar and berries. First cooked on the fire sugar syrup (300 g of water – 1,5 kg of sugar), and in boiling water add 1 kg of berries. Gently stirred and bring to a boil. Then the mass of the need to fully allow to cool and again bring to a boil, appearing foam is permanently removed.

The third time bring to a boil, adding the juice of half a lemon. After – cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Pour into sterilized jars, metal lids close, turn the banks and to wrap up.

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