In the selection of color combinations for clothes, use different methods and now we will focus on the classic – the color wheel. What it is and how it is used?

Before explain, I want to note that I rarely use the color wheel in the daily practice. Mainly due to the fact that I do not want to do a framework for their inspiration – and this is the reason that the main. Of course, the color circle use less and on other occasions, for example, because of an unwillingness to be foolish, when you need to store recall shade, which is recommended to combine with your purchase. However, there are many stylists and ordinary people, who have nothing against such a picture and use the color range for the drawing up of a wardrobe quite successfully.

The color range can be called the Foundation for those who combines color, so artists, fashion designers, stylists and designers use it often. Coined this circle was a very long time – in 1666, and since then almost has not changed, as have not been changed and the idea of a combination of colors. But now the color wheel has several variants.

The simplest option is the spectrum from basic colours – red, blue, and yellow. By him you can find some shade in the chosen color is warm or cold. It’s easy, if the blue is less, the shade warm, as if something more cold. This approach is useful for the selection of clothing and make-up, because the natural appearance of the people is also divided into cold and warm. Take a look at the wrist (inner side) – porcelain and slightly bluish skin will carry you to the cold type, and somewhat dark to warm.

The color circle, in which the use of all shades, is expanded. He is more suited to select combinations of colors, as they are opposite. For example, blue+yellow is a classic contrasting combination of (this also applies to the primary colours and shades), but will he not all – simpsons can use it safely, and that’s русоволосым such color combination is not recommended.

Good combination of colors, which are found in the color wheel at an angle (direct), for example, red+yellow. If you want to combine the two, and 3 colors, then use the rule of the

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