When planned solemn event, each of us wants to look attractive and stylish. Choosing an outfit and shoes, picking up the decorations, the question arises of how to put the hair that braid? The ideal solution would be to go to a beauty salon and take care of their hair in the hands of an experienced hairdresser, but far not always it is time. Meanwhile, there are many options for stylish and easy-to-self-execution of hairstyles.

Today we will tell you how to quickly and easily make the hair bundle with their hands. Following our instructions and photos, hair beam you will learn how to quickly and easily produce their hair. With this hairstyle, you can safely go to a party or event. It combines the versatility of style, ease of implementation and presentable. Doing her hair bun on pre-washed and dried hair. For better fixation before netting use mousse hair.

1. The first thing to do is to select a small tuft of hair at the nape. Twist it and laid улиточкой. Consolidating the result of hairpins. (Photo 1.)

2. The remaining hair share of four large sections – the right front and right rear left front and left rear. The left rear strand twist and laid around snaily of the hair, which we had just retired. Put the hair from left to right and fix the hairpins. (Photo 2)

3. The next step is to do the same with the rear right section. Wrings her and laid around snails from hair only from right to left. Fix hairpins. (Photo 3)

4. By analogy to do with the rest of the front strands. Take the lock of the front left and pinned his her, laid around snails from left to right. Fix hairpins. (Photo 4)

5. We are left front right strand, which is also screwing down, lay around snails and fix the hairpins.

6. We fix a bunch of hair spray and our hair is ready!

7. It remains only to add appropriate to the occasion accessories. Perfect hairstyle beam and the long hair, and on the average. This sleek styling creates a romantic image and is very good for the visits.

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