Как заморозить крыжовникFrozen berries and fruits well retain not only the taste and aroma, but different nutrients and vitamins. It is known that the freezing of fruits all the nutrients are present in more than with other methods of canning.

There are many ways to properly freeze berries, in particular, gooseberry – usually every woman has its own secrets of cooking. Basically, the rules are that the berries must be cleared of branches and leaves and not necessarily that they were dry before a process of freezing.

It is important to know: when collecting gooseberry, fruits, with a thin skin, should be placed in a separate container to preserve their integrity. What do we know about the methods of storage and conservation of the gooseberry? Whether it can even freeze?

Surprisingly, many Housewives know that from berries gooseberry can be prepared only jam or twist it with sugar and about suspension of this type of berry heard only a few. How it will look and be the taste of frozen gooseberry? Will not lose their valuable property? And how to prepare at home for the winter? You will learn next.

Actually gooseberry, as well as other berries that grow on country houses and gardens, you can perfectly and quickly freeze. Stored in a way berry up to 2 months, if the storage temperature is equal 0-1,5 degrees and the humidity of approximately 85% to 90%. Freezing gooseberry like the similar method of winter storage of black currant.

For preparation take the Mature berries are medium in size. Then the gooseberry is cut and dried sepals and stem. Themselves berries after that, you need to wash and a bit dry. All fruits prepared for further action to freeze. Now they need to fill in a container for freezing.

Как заморозить крыжовник

As a rule, preferred plastic molds and small containers for the food as well amiss, and small banks ice cream or sour cream. In any case, small packagings promotes more rapid freezing. Now, add the gooseberry in plastic containers, gently shake to distribute the berries, and put in the freezer for a couple of days.

After two days to get packagings with berries, it is good to cork (you can use the same plastic containers with tight lids) and put back into the camera. Freezing gooseberry can be done on the surface of a cardboard, a sprinkling of berries layer of 2-3 see After the stage of preliminary freezing gooseberry poured into plastic bags and tied, keeping this form in the «freezer».

Facts: in gooseberry contain much more iron than in apples, plums or raspberries. Not only in General form, you can do frozen gooseberry, but also in the figurative puree, too – most of the nutrients and minerals is saved in both cases freezing. Also, there are still some interesting recipes freezing of this type of berries:

  • Gooseberry, frozen in sugar syrup

The recipe is almost the same as described above. After lay berries into molds, fill them with sugar syrup. Freeze for 1-2 days, then give a little thaw, remove the frozen briquettes, pack and store them in the freezer.

  • Gooseberry with sugar

Mix with sugar prepared berries (ratio of 3:1). Put in a plastic container and freeze.

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