Как заморозить малину на зиму с сахаромMalina is a fount of vitamins, mineral substances and microelements. It contains both essential acids organic origin (citric, malic and other), and essential oil, a substance anthocyanin and coumarin, vitamins A, PP, C, as well as a «repository» of fiber.

In the composition of this berry excessive nutrients and vital for the human organism: copper, potassium and iron. Frozen raspberries, if it is correct preparation and storage store in itself all the listed nutrients.

Also known that in raspberries contain up to 11 percent fructose and sucrose (as a rule, their number in berries strongly depends on various factors: the varieties of vegetation, climate, etc), and the correct freeze will help to keep these two kinds of complex sugars. To preserve the nutritional value of berries, observe the correct conditions of frosts (up to -18 degrees Celsius) and subsequent storage.

Raspberry frozen perfectly retains its original appearance, combined with aroma and taste, and reducing the nutritional value of the extremely insignificant.

How to freeze raspberry – preparation, methods of frost

Can I freeze raspberry – the question is relevant at any time. It is known that the frozen berry has a little more organic acids and vitamins, dissolved in water, compared with fresh. All the matter is that as fresh as it loses its properties after a couple of hours after collection.

Therefore, freezing is a great way to save all useful substances berries, especially for the use of it in the cold season. So, prepare berries to freeze. Here it is important to follow a few guidelines:

1. Choose the ripe berries. Exception: if you plan to do from the frozen raspberry juice or fruit compote, i.e. subjected to culinary processing – in this case, Pets freezing berries in its maturing stage. Do not use perespevshie or rotten fruit raspberry. Sort the fruit size and stage of maturity.

Как заморозить малину на зиму с сахаром

2. Spare raspberries from leaves, stalks, and other debris. Keep in mind that the berries are very tender and soft – be careful to do the processing, not to crush. Rinse raspberries in cold water, and then dry on h/b or paper towels. Fabric absorbs unnecessary for berries moisture. Alternatively, you can apply for drying a baking tray and cover it with berries cloth for a more thorough drying.

3. Once the berries will become dry, the preparatory stage of this end – Malina is ready to freeze.

Recipes on how to freeze fresh raspberries with sugar

Raspberry should be stacked layers, and between them (layers), add sugar. Very convenient to store frozen fruits in small plastic boxes, which you can buy on the market or at the hardware store. After you have prepared the raspberries in the boxes, put them in the freezer. Everything is very simple.

Как заморозить малину на зиму с сахаром

In such circumstances, raspberry preserve its taste, color and aroma for about a year. Similarly, you can prepare raspberry juice or berries in syrup, depending on your culinary purposes. Another recipe for freezing without addition of sugar in berries: lay out on a tray or large platter, prepared in advance, raspberries and place them on 3-5 hours in the freezer.

After that, remove and put in a plastic bag and then put back into the camera. Why did we need the primary freeze? Do it for the berries are not only not lost its original appearance, but do not stick together among themselves in the future. From the frozen raspberries can be prepared not only compotes and jelly, but use as a filling in pies and dumplings and add the yoghurt and cereal.

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