Как заморозить кабачки на зиму в домашних условияхZucchini is extremely popular among the population of many countries of the world. Fresh broccoli use in cooking approximately from mid-spring to October.

Zucchini is possible to prepare a large variety of delicious dishes. In the winter time people are satisfied with canned vegetables. Perhaps it is the most common type of storage zucchini in winter.

But there is another way in which the table all year will be fresh and rich in vitamins zucchini,- freezing. Freezing squash and other vegetables, not only convenient, but also useful.

Frozen fruits and vegetables can not compare with canned or fresh, which lie on the shelves of shops in the winter months the value and nutrition first huge.

So if you want to keep your body with all the necessary vitamins and microelements and do not want to suffer in winter avitaminosis, care must be taken filled freezer already in the summer! How to freeze zucchini on a winter theme of this article.

Detailed description of freezing zucchini

Usually start to prepare the zucchini to winter in the peak season, when the fruits are ripe. The first step is to wash the zucchini, dried and cut into pieces. If you are planning a winter add them to the dish (vegetable salads and other) and in soups, then you need to cut in small cubes 2-3 cm each or even smaller at your discretion.

Then completely cut vegetables are divided into portions, packaged in small plastic мешочкам or plastic containers for food products and shut as tight as possible. Packages and containers with zucchini should place it in the freezer.

Why we need small packages? All the matter is that from huge portions will be more difficult in the winter of separating the desired volume for cooking. The portions are made for single use at one time, much easier, and for the child, for example, a small portion will be very helpful.

Как заморозить кабачки на зиму в домашних условиях

How to freeze zucchini. Recipes, cooking techniques

Zucchini, cut not only cubes, but also rings for further freezing. In this case, no harm will be even first fry or bake them in the oven. However, make sure that the thickness of chopped vegetables does not exceed 1,5-2 see

Dish, which will be formed sliced zucchini, served polyethylene (to frozen vegetables can be easily removed with meals) and it laid out zucchini slices in a single layer. If zucchini very much, it is recommended to make several layers on a platter, each of which should be separated from another with polyethylene.

Dish prepared with zucchini put in the freezer and stored there until the vegetables промерзнут completely. Then utensils with them is removed, and zucchini are shifted in advance prepared packages and plastic bags or plastic food containers (see above).

How to use winter

Remove from the freezer frozen vegetable marrows, thaw them, giving some time to stand up, remove any excess moisture towel or paper towel. Then you can dip in flour and fry on a frying pan or stew (vegetable stew). Know that for roasting and other Culinaрных recipes that must be processed vegetables high temperatures, from frozen zucchini need to be remove moisture.

If you plan to do in the winter zucchini fritters, before freezing you will need to grate vegetables on a shallow grater (recommended to freeze zucchini in this form together with grated carrots). Freeze in winter squash, and your winter diet is rich and varied.

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