Как избавиться от кротов на дачном участкеMole cannot be unambiguously attributed to harmful animal, however, rare owner of a garden site would notice his tracks. As only seen the first small mound – immediately comes to mind about the subsequent suppression of moles in the garden. However, that would be effective for one dacha, then it does not help the other. Therefore, we will study what ways and methods of dealing with moles exist at all, so you can choose a suitable one.

How to get rid of moles in the country site

Preparing to mount an attack on the intruders, you can use several tools. There are mechanical methods (кротоловки), chemical (poison baits, poisons), as well as effective electronic scares that emit ultrasound. Everyone chooses how humane method of struggle with garden moles take. It is important to remember that start to get rid of unwanted visitors should be immediate, as soon as you notice traces of their presence in the country site.

Effective means of moles in the country or the garden

The best tools will relieve you from the presence of moles – traps, repellents and poisons.

For catching of moles in our cottage has a special traps. Some models destroy animals, some will need to «clear»to remove them, then to release into the forest. The effectiveness of this method depends on a correct choice of place for her. Best place two traps (looking in different directions) in the place where the mole is logged on to the site – it can be defined on the mound.

If the move is expected to put poisons or repellent, it is important to ensure adequate penetration into the soil, for what it needs to be frequently watered. First watering is needed immediately after the usage of such tools. It is not excluded, that then have to be re-used.

But before using dangerous means of combating moles, perhaps we should consider alternative ways, safe for children and Pets.

Methods of struggle with garden moles

The most secure and very easy way to get rid of unwanted guests – use of e-отпугивателя. It will not cause the beast harm, but simply will cause it to go away from your site. Get the result from the use of such funds, determined to get rid of moles on a garden site it is possible, if not to save, and use as many отпугивателей, so much to the instructions. And it is important to note that for loose the beds they will be useless.

Catch animals without causing bodily harm is possible, if to use so-called trap of Solomon. It is made of galvanized iron or tin and is a cylinder with hanging doors, which is placed in the tunnel dug by a mole. The door can only be opened inside that will make him a prisoner, and then you will again return mole in the natural habitat.

How else to get rid of moles in the dacha humane? To help ordinary shovel and a bucket. Раскопайте fresh hillock, which appeared at the entrance to the tunnel and expect the appearance of a mole – and he will surely appear close passage. Watch шевелением soil to catch the right moment. As soon as the mole close – make a catch and throw the beast into the bucket.

Every fisherman has his own method of humane trap moles, they catch them on a hook that is bound to a solid thick stick. It is advisable to choose a reliable трехконечный. After digging up the mink, the hooks are placed on both sides of the tunnel and await the arrival of the mole, which for them to hold on.

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