Festival on the 1st of September or the «Day of knowledge» is a remarkable event both for children and their parents, and teachers. And to make this event more soulful and touching help greeting card, made by the student. The card is not a standard work, and congratulations on that carries a piece of the soul of the master. There are a lot of options for executing a card for your favorite teacher with his own hands. It all depends on your personal preferences. We give a very simple example which does not require a lot of time and materials.

But let us all about it. So, for the manufacture of postcards on the first of September for teachers you will need:

    ~ White cardboard A4 format;
    ~ pink satin ribbon (80 cm);
    ~ glossy decorative ribbon (80 cm)
    ~ scissors;
    about 5 beads small size;
    AC 3 artificial flower white and pink flowers;
    ~ glue-gun;
    ~ sprig of any of the fall of the Bush with small leaves, better dried. Make it easy to expand the branch inside the bundles of Newspapers and press firmly. For drying twig need to leave for 3-5 days.
    ~ printed by CSC greeting label (can be written by hand).

Rent prepared canvas, A-4 format and gently fold it in half. Once warmed up in the adhesive glue gun, put it to the back side of dried twigs and bushes. For those who have a gun, you can use the usual universal glue. At this stage of the preparation of the festive cards for teacher, parents should help younger students.

When the adhesive, the branch must be turned over and pressed against the carton. Hold it for secure. After that you should take the pink satin ribbon, the length of which should be slightly greater than height album sheet.

On the wrong side of the tape glue. Firmly press the tape to the sheet of cardboard and again for secure its fastening. And so you need to stick all three of the tape on the sides of the future postcards teacher.

The next step is application using the glue gun is artificial flowers on the already adhered sprig of Bush. Flowers also stronger push to well pasted. In the centre of flowers drip a little glue and attach beads. So the result will be a beautiful middle of the flower.

Then, take a decorative brilliant tape and fasten it with the help of glue to the top of the greeting card. The lower part of the tape clip on the bottom of your creation.

That’s all, remove the adhesive residue, fasten the inscription and a postcard for the celebration of the 1 September ready. Such a greeting card can decorate a bouquet for the teacher, and he will be the exclusive and expensive gift on the Day of knowledge.

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