Как сделать открытку подруге своими рукамиTo please the best friend a pretty postcard and a graceful gift packing, not necessarily buy a package and e-card in the store.

There are a lot of great options for manufacture of postcards in the technique of scrapbooking with their hands, when the result is not pressed, and unique.

In this workshop, we will tell you how to make a postcard, and a small bag for the gift of cardboard, paper and stationery for scrapbooking in the same style.

Master-class cards with their hands

You will need:

  • leaf patterned (with a volumetric texture pattern of colored paper for scrapbooking size 30.5 x 30.5 cm;
  • 2-3 sheet of a dense double-sided colour cardboard;
  • foil;
  • well-lit work space;
  • ruler;
  • stencil made of brass with a relief pattern;
  • “pattern” for handbags;
  • compass with a knife (you can paper knife and a pair of compasses separately);
  • waxed paper;
  • lightbox;
  • stylus-“Masterok”;
  • брадсы;
  • adhesive tape for scrapbooking;
  • soft bulk material pop-up for scrapbooking;
  • textile clasp (the so-called “Velcro”).

How to make a postcard to a friend – step by step instructions

1. Draw a pattern for paper handbags (two trapezoid with allowances for paper seams pasting, as in the photo), and cut it billet handbags made of cardboard.

Как сделать открытку подруге своими руками

2. Cut decorative elements: – – – strip of patterned paper for scrapbooking 10 cm in length; – a strip of cardboard to 5 cm long; – a strip of cardboard (other colors) 2.5 cm long; – strip of a cardboard 1.5 cm to handle handbags.

3. Cut a rectangle of cardboard 10 x 20 cm and bend it in half to make a square with the side of 10 see With the help of a compass with a knife on the leg draw and cut out:

  • circle with a diameter of 9 cm of this in a cardboard square for the insert is supposed to be liner of two circles connected on one side;
  • 2 circle the same size – foil and cardboard;
  • 2 small circles 2.5 cm in diameter each for jewelry handbags and liner and two small circles of material pop-up.

Как сделать открытку подруге своими руками

4. Cut out the strips in the 10, 5 and 2.5 cm in length (for front and rear sides of the case).

5. Transfer the pattern with brass stencil on a cardboard circle for liner using lightbox and stylus (though you can cut it out of patterned cardboard). For the convenience of transferring put on cardboard, waxed paper. Connect the elements for liner (the result should turn out as one in the photo), garnish with a little soft circle of material pop-up and secure брадсом.

Как сделать открытку подруге своими руками

6. Collect handbag: fold cut, combining its edges, attach the strip of paper to grips with the help of брадсов. Cover the raw edge of the folded in half circle of cardboard, attach the tape for scrapbooking the portion that falls on the back side of the handbag.

To attach the front part of the small circle for decoration, backed by his bottom circle pop-up, and secure all брадсом, the circle has turned out to be a part of the clasp, only until the clasp.

Как сделать открытку подруге своими руками

7. Glue all the decorative bands that you cut out for jewelry handbags, handbag. Make sure that the first were glued wide band, and the others were imposed on them!

8. Glue textile fastener on the back side of the semi-circle on a handbag. Now you can open and close.

Как сделать открытку подруге своими руками

9. Sign the postcard-insert and put it in her handbag with a small gift, although this bag can speak and just as the envelope for a card.

Only it’s better to give it into the hands or put in a drawer self – mail will not miss the «envelope» without the necessary stamps and stamps. If you want, put it in another, a regular envelope the entire structure.

Как сделать открытку подруге своими руками

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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