Как сделать розу из атласа своими рукамиIf you want to decorate graceful artificial colors of the fabric of the clothes, the hair or the interior, you can always make these flowers with their hands. For example, to make a rose out of satin, you only need a strip of fabric, glue and this instruction.

Make a flower you can, of course, from any tissue. But for such a flower, like a rose-the best smooth satin – strong and dense, but brilliant and gentle material. Normal silk would be too thin, it is bad to keep the shape of the flower (unless done very little roses, with a phalanx of the thumb size).

Atlas, though it’s kind of fabric with silk thread, gentle, very plastic and more dense, its front side always shines. Rose petals too tight to each other, and the buds look tight.

More thin fabric, chiffon, gas, organza, – look very beautiful, and the flowers of them airy, but like silk, to fold the roses they are only good if you need a little flower. They are best used for more light and fluffy colors.

How to make a rose with his hands

You will need:

Strips Atlas (the more to be a flower, the wider and longer than should be and a stripe of cloth. For example, for blue colors in this master-class strips have been used Atlas length of 60 cm and a width of 9 see For a single rose required one bar; how many stripes as many will and colors.

There are several types of Atlas, among them are the most known figured and satin stretch, but for the roses you will need a smooth satin – he feels like a stretch, and there are no additional sealing thread, as in a patterned Atlas.

The color you choose for yourself, but the colors and natural colours are not always attractive; feel free to experiment, although it is better to choose, of course, soft, pastel colors. Natural shades of satin flowers it looks best usually tea).

Transparent adhesive (not glue stick).

Rose from Atlas: step-by-step master class

1. Roll a long strip of Atlas tube so that the front panel outward.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

2. Fold the tube in half in the centre of exactly the same as in the photo, is forming a right angle and “flipping” one of the halves of the fabric.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

3. Now, take a cloth for the ends and fold lower forward, and the upper – back angle will be reduced by half, and in the middle of the tube will be something like a soft, loose sandwich accordion.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

4. Keep folding the same until the entire strip satin ends.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

5. Stretch fabric, holding her the end that remained unfixed.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

6. And now release one of the “tails” in the undocked end. Fabric itself is minimized, wrinkling his folds and creating a shape like a rose.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

7. The short end of the stick, one that was closer to the center, to the back of the tape of the resulting product – as in the photo.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

8. Cut the remaining long end or just wrap it around your roses, making it stronger and thicker. Secure as glue, add the glue in the middle, if you think that it is poorly kept. Rose satin ready.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

9. Make as many flowers as you want. For example, in our master-class three blue roses and pink, and they are all interconnected on the tape, so that they can be worn as jewelry for the hair.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

Connect the flowers:

– glue them on a common substrate small size, this fleece); you can add some small light decoration (for example, a feather, a suitable color);

– trim any excess, sticking out fleece;

– sew or glue the whole construction of the white ribbon.

Как сделать розу из атласа своими руками

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