Как сделать свадебную прическу на волосы средней длиныTraditionally the wedding girls made luxury hairstyles for long hair. But what if the bride’s hair is not up to the shoulder blades, and do capacity for whatever reasons do not want to?

We offer to your attention a master class in which we will learn together how to make wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. See hotel photos, this hairstyle with a graceful weave looks great.

It is simple in execution, on its creation will require from the force of forty minutes. Hairstyle for medium hair, which we offer to learn to do, is perfect for a solemn ceremony of marriage is below very conveniently attached veils.

Besides, so you can put your visits, prom and other festivities – this hairstyle is nearly universal. Our wedding hair does not require any special skills and complex hairdressing tools. You will need:

  • comb brush;
  • comb-scallop;
  • hair elastics;
  • hairspray Central fixation;
  • barrettes, invisible;
  • gum-roller;
  • studs;
  • hair ornaments according to your taste;
  • Curling irons curls.

Best such weave looks in smooth, straight hair, but owners of magnificent curls should not be ahead of time to get upset – you can always straighten your hair with the help of iron, just remember to apply this special protective agent, to prevent hair damage from high temperatures.

Preparing to create hairstyles not differ from usual activity before any other laying – hair should be washed, to cause any or air conditioning balm and well to dry up their Hairdryer. Too fine hair may require additional use of hair mousse: apply to wet hair and then dry your hair as usual.

Step 1. – Comb the hair with a massage brush and comb comb parted in the middle (it should be a little biased towards).

Step 2. – Separate from the larger side parting of three small strands of hair. Braiding of normal pigtail. The end of the spit fasten the elastic band for hair, the color appropriate to the hair (since it would be less visible in the hair). When tatting spit can add a few strands of hair from the bottom. Finish weave, when you will free about a quarter of hair.

Как сделать свадебную прическу на волосы средней длины

Step 3. – Now you need to carefully «растрепать» your spit to give it volume hair will look much more effectively. To achieve a similar effect gently pull the strands of spit. The gum will fall below, so you must leave enough reserve of hair. From top to pull the curls more than the bottom.

Step 4. – The free hair braiding a horse’s tail and fix simple rubber band.

Как сделать свадебную прическу на волосы средней длины

Step 5- Put on your tail gum-roller, which will give them fluffy.

Step 6. – Fill with pins in your hair under a cushion.

Как сделать свадебную прическу на волосы средней длины

Step 7. – Wrap your braid around the resulting cushion of hair. The end of her fasten the screws and pins-invisible.

Step 8. – Remove the sides of small curls curl it with a Curling iron to your hair look more romantic.

Как сделать свадебную прическу на волосы средней длины

Step 9. – Fix hairstyle varnish.

Even the average length of hair, you can make a pretty spectacular hairstyle for the bride at the wedding. Moreover, make it possible independently, not resorting to services of expensive wedding hair stylists that we proved in our workshop.

Как сделать свадебную прическу на волосы средней длины

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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