Как сделать свадебную прическу с косами своими рукамиWedding hairstyles with braids is a hit of the summer season. They look very original and gentle and suitable for any style of wedding dress.

However it is better if you can get by without a veil, this hairstyle itself is very effective. In addition, it allows you to do without the services of a professional hairdresser, since it does not require special skills when it is created.

A little patience, training, and you can weave these same spit, like on the picture with your own hands. The workshop covers how to make a wedding hairstyle with braids.

Just half an hour – and you’re the most beautiful and stylish bride. And besides, you can do this hairstyle is not only themselves but also their friends, this hairstyle is perfect for long summer Maxi-dress.

You will need:

  • Hairdryer;
  • hairspray Central fixation;
  • comb – massage brush and comb-scallop;
  • Curling for завивания curls;
  • hair elastics;
  • barrettes, invisible;
  • hair ornaments on your choice.

Hairstyle, you can do and the long hair and the hair of medium length, because the thicker and thicker spit, the more original and beautiful looks laying in General. Before laying wash and dry your hair as usual.

Use your favorite hair products. If you want hairstyle was a smoother, straighten your hair irons. Don’t forget to use spray for thermal protection.

Step 1. – Carefully comb your hair with a massage brush. Then take the comb comb and make the middle even hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck – so your hair will be divided into two equal halves.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с косами своими руками

Step 2. Take one part of hair (second you can take an eraser to not disturb) and braiding usual braid of three strands. You can also braid-braid «fish tail», if you like. Заплетайте hair, until the end will not remain little tuft of hair.

The end of the spit secure with a rubber band. It is desirable to use gum, color matching with the color of your hair so that it was less visible.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с косами своими руками

Step 3. – Similar manipulations do with the second part of the hair.

Step 4. Take one of KOs and flip it over her head. The end of the pigtail to secure the pins-invisible. Barrettes, you can hide under the hair. Spit must lie on my head, like a crown.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с косами своими руками

Step 5. – Second spit flip over the head on top of the first. Likewise, fasten the hair pins-invisible.

Step 6. – Carefully pull it out of hairstyles few curls and curl them using Curling irons, if you want to create a more gentle and romantic image.

Step 7. – Use nail fixation.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с косами своими руками

You can decorate your hair, using the elements overlapping with wedding attire to create an integral image of a wedding. Woven into the braids tapes, threads with rhinestones or decorate the hair small artificial flowers – and your hair will play with new colors.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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