Как сделать свадебную прическу с распущенными локонамиWedding hairstyles with her hair always look great and touching. Gentle curls suit any wedding dress. On the photo to our lesson presented wedding hairstyles with curls – and you can do the same with their own hands.

However, never assume that do such a hairstyle can be five minutes – just wash their hair, dry and tweak them. Actually, to create perfect curls, you will have a slightly work hard.

In addition, these gorgeous curls will suit not only the bride – this hairstyle is universal, that is appropriate for any occasion: a beach party or gala reception, walk around the town or going to the theater. Well this hairstyle looks at the long hair and the hair of medium length.

You will need:

  • spray to protect hair from damage during hot irons;
  • good шипцы for Curling hair, large diameter (preferably with a ceramic coating);
  • hair wax;
  • hairspray Central fixation;
  • hair brush;
  • hair iron.

Before you begin the construction of hairstyles, wash your head (can also apply to hair nourishing mask or air conditioning, hair better расчесывались), and then dry the hair.

If your hair is strong twine and very naughty, then first you’ll have to straighten their special hair iron. But before you use any hot tools, do not forget to put on the hair a special spray protects hair from damage.

Step 1. – Give your щипцам irons warm up well.

Step 2. – By using the HairMax separate small curl, place it on the forceps, pulling a little while ago. You can start spinning hair anywhere, but it’s best to start from the back and move to the temples – so hair will lie smoother. Do not forget that all locks should be tightened in the same direction – inside.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с распущенными локонами

The larger the diameter of your tongs, the bigger will be your curls. Important: you must подвивать only the ends of the strands (approximately one-third of the length of the hair), and Curling keep strictly horizontally so you’ll have a beautiful spiral» curls.

Don’t be afraid slightly scroll Curling around a curl during Curling – so the heat will be distributed more evenly and curls get even. But try not to run overtime tongs on the curls, so as not to damage them – thirty to forty seconds is enough for one strand of hair.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с распущенными локонами

Step 3. – When you reach the temples, spin locks without inward, and ends stick out.

Step 4- After you’re finished with a bad Perm, hands divide the strands into smaller to your hair look naturally.

Step 5. – Waxing hair treat the ends of the strands, to fix them. Just do not overdo it with this – the excess wax утежеляет hair.

Как сделать свадебную прическу с распущенными локонами

Step 6. – Sprinkle hairstyle hair spray a medium-hold it to last longer held. Your hair is ready. Now show your imagination and decorate your hair. You can use this hairpins with beautiful artificial flowers or original Hoop.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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