Как сделать вечернюю прическу с косамиToday we offer to your attention an evening hair, you can make with your own hands, having spent on it no more than a quarter of an hour.

This is a great miracle of creativity, stressing your profile, will result in you not following one man. What is the secret of this look? – It is extremely easy.

Pigtails, cornrows and again pigtails – infinity irresistible! For those who love spit, for those who need to quickly gather in high hair, long hair, and of course, for those who lack the warming rays admiring looks, our master class c photo. Let’s begin!

Fashionable evening with braids hairstyle: step-by-step photo

1. Divide the hair into three sections: separate from the total volume of hair two quarters sides while the third section of the two remaining quarters, do in the center.

Braiding one of the side sections of the method of French braids, capturing part of the hair over the forehead. When strands to create a French braids finished, complete weave in a standard way.

2. Then braiding two standard braids of hair to the side and Central sections. Fasten the ends of all three braids small invisible rubber bands for hair.

Как сделать вечернюю прическу с косами

3. Take a spit in the center and fold it into a leaky beam, trying to make him more volume.

4. Secure the beam on the head with bolts of stealth.

Как сделать вечернюю прическу с косами

5. Now, take the hair, tied method of French braids and wrap them around the beam, starting from the bottom. The end of the spit hide under the hair. Fasten with bolts of stealth.

6. And, finally, take the last remaining spit and wrap it around the beam, starting from the top. Secure design hairpins-invisible and apply the resulting hairstyle hair spray of your choice.

Как сделать вечернюю прическу с косами

Universal high with braids hairstyle is ready! It will be appropriate and at a dinner party, and in the theater, and even just in the office, perfectly combined as with a strict business suit, and with cocktail dress.

Take note: tips

  • Our hair, like any hairstyle on the basis of KOs, looks better on the hair washed at least a day ago. Also, the hair «is not the first freshness» not scattered and more obedient in the hands.
  • If you want to make hair more volume, before tightening of KOs in a bunch of little pull the strands of each of them in different directions along the entire length, making spit broader.
  • For an even more attractive, you can Supplement it with accessories handmade: bows, flowers and other picturesque bagatelles.
  • If you go to a party or other celebration, as the finishing touch to use a little hairspray sequins. Be careful: the lack of moderation more harm than decorate hairstyle.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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