Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими рукамиTechnology cloves of paper is not very different from the ways of folding for the colors of the fabric. But the paper easier to form the petals carnations, they are smoother and look more lavishly.

Read the instructions with photos and watch the video about putting cloves of paper, to understand all the nuances. Then again, come back to instructions and follow it, making your own flower.

To make a paper cloves, you will need:

  • 7-leaf of colored paper for the records of three different colours (for example, blue, green and red);
  • stapler;
  • compasses or three round of the subject of different sizes (small, medium and large)to draw circles of different diameters.

Ready cloves will be of small size. In fact, to take the paper of different colors is not necessary (unless of course you don’t want to make a heterogeneous, multi-coloured carnations). On the photo in the master-class she colorful only to understand how and in what order should fold, and pin; one flower is better to do for exercise.

How to make cloves of paper – step by step instructions

1. Cut adhesive edge from all the leaflets.

2. Draw a compass or other items 9 laps: 1 large (blue), 4 medium (green) and 4 small (red). The little circles are usually fit on two on each sheet of paper records.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

3. Draw a squiggly line on the edge of each circle is because the petals of carnations is not smooth at the ends. Do not worry if the line was not perfectly accurate: this is not required, flowers in nature, too, is not displayed on the ruler.

4. Cut out the “wavy” circles of ordinary along this line.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

5. Erase the remnants of the pencil lines.

6. Add up all the red and green circles in half. Here you see that circles marked streaks, spots and so on, but this is not necessary – they have been done in order to show the process of folding.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

7. Put down a large blue circle (not folding it) and it – two green unlit fold lines to each other, so that together they formed a circle.

8. You should still have the two green “semi-circle”. Bend them again to get quartered, and put both of these quarters on top of the workpiece. They must be like on the diagonal, diagonally from each other, so that the neighboring diagonal was empty on this layer, and that was visible layer of the previous one.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

9. You get a circle, visually composed of four different parts. In the centre was four direct angle. Now, take a small red circle, folded, and put it at the top – so that his fold played the role of the bisectors for two angles (exactly as in the photo). Put it next second the red circle, bent in half – this layer should look the same as the first green.

10. Now add two red mug, folded up quarters also repeating the “green” layer.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

11. Punch the resulting multi-layered circle stapler in the heart (twice to staples crossed each other).

12. Form a flower: straighten all paper petals fingers bend them in reverse sides.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

13. Tweak petals place from different angles, to the flower looked as naturally as possible.

14. If you do not want the staples were visible, glue the top of a small scrap of paper of the same color as the top layer (or the whole cloves, if you make a one-color variant). Cloves of colored paper ready.

Как сделать гвоздику из бумаги своими руками

Video: how to make cloves of paper with your hands

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